WATCH | Jobs in Quezon City for former junkies who want to turn a new leaf

April 25, 2017 - 8:31 PM
Quezon City jobs for addicts
File photo of a Quezon City job fair sponsored by the local government. NEWS5 SCREENGRAB

The vicious war on drugs of the Duterte Administration is one of the big reasons persuading drug addicts and those under the influence of narcotics to start mending their ways. But, even as they want badly to turn a new leaf, they are finding it difficult to find work or land steady jobs.

Their drug using track records are getting in the way. Many potential employers are reluctant to take them in. Some have medico-legal records that also serve as red flags when they go apply for work.

To help address this dilemma of former drug addicts, the Quezon City government took the initiative of opening prospective job opportunities in collaboration with the MRT7 construction project.

Permo Sarsoza of the construction division of EEI Corporation said: “For those who prove to be good performers, there is the possibility of referring them to other projects that our company is engaged in. If they are qualified and have the necessary skills, we can take them in.”

As many as 500 positions are expected to be on offer for those who have yielded to the anti-drug campaign.

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