‘DUAL RESPONSE’ | Del Rosario urges combined strategic and tactical moves to counter China threat

May 22, 2017 - 7:53 PM
Albert del Rosario
Former foreign affairs secretary Albert Del Rosario.

Former secretary of foreign affairs Albert Del Rosario suggested that, in response to China’s threat of war, the Philippines should immediately prepare for a so-called dual response, consisting of:

1) Heeding the advice of Justice Antonio Carpio to file a protest with the United Nations,


2) Revisiting the joint patrolling of our EEZ with the United States and other partners.

The use of force as well as threats of use of force, Del Rosario pointed out, “are serious violations of the UN Charter, and it is in our national interest to have the Philippines file this protest with the UN General Assembly.

“We can expect that the responsible community of nations would be supportive of such a diplomatic action by the Philippine Government.”

As an integral part of the Philippine response, according to Del Rosario, it behooves the Philippine government “to pursue a defensive posture by revisiting the joint patrol strategy of the West Philippine Sea which the US was prepared to undertake at the request of our previous government.

The joint patrol initiative with the US was jettisoned by our incumbent government as being inconsistent with our new government’s full embrace of China.

“The joint patrol of our EEZ with the US and possibly other partners would be a combined strategic and tactical move for the Philippine government in defending our national interest and territorial integrity.

“It will furthermore serve to effectively posture our security guarantee agreement as provided for by our treaty alliance with the United States.”

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