MMDA to commission murals at Pasig River pumping stations

June 13, 2017 - 7:48 PM
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The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), in partnership with British Council, Davies Paints, San Miguel Holdings, and OneReDesign Manila, has commissioned international and local artists to develop murals on the agency’s pumping stations visible along the Pasig River.

MMDA Assistant General Manager for Operations Julia Nebrija said the artists were chosen to take part under the agency’s Pasig River Art for Urban Change project after careful evaluation and screening.

An Advisory Group, headed by Nebrija, composed of artist Leeroy New; Patrick Flores, UP Vargas Museum curator; and Lai del Rosario, head of the British Council Arts and Creative Industries, selected the finalists from 75 artists who submitted proposals through an open call.

The finalists include Archie Oclos, Cristina Lina, Ged Alangui, Julius Sebastian, Kris Abrigo, Luigi Almuena, Malarko Hernandez, Ralph Eya and Team Manila.

Lina and Hernandez are both based in the United Kingdom and will travel to Manila specifically for this project.

Nebrija said this is the first of many projects the MMDA hopes to champion through the Pasig River Art for Urban Change project, which is an initiative of MMDA and its partners to create more livable and inclusive cities through the regeneration of urban waterways.

The project aims to inspire Metro Manila citizens to explore the river on the Pasig River Ferry, where they can appreciate the river’s potential and also be made aware of the challenges, such as issues of cleanliness, that affect its rehabilitation.

Additionally, the project brings attention to the pumping stations, which are often overlooked and taken for granted in Metro Manila, but are vital facilities to address the massive flooding in the metropolis during the rainy season.

To help these facilities work efficiently in pumping out excess water during heavy downpour, MMDA’s Flood Control and Sewerage Management Office personnel are regularly de-clogging and clearing waterways of garbage and other debris.

The artists will be painting murals on eight different pumping stations along the Pasig River starting this June up to July. The MMDA and its partners will organize an art cruise as soon as all of the murals are finished.