LOOK | Someone left this newborn in a NAIA trash can

July 3, 2017 - 8:10 PM

MANILA- Somebody left a full-term baby boy in a trash can at the arrival area of the NAIA Terminal 1 late Monday, airport authorities reported.

The boy was gasping and distressed when brought for examination to the Ramp Clinic of the Manila International Airport Authority, according to the incident report.

The boy was found by a janitress inside a cubicle at the restroom in the west side arrival area, from where a woman had just emerged. The janitress said she became curious when she tried to lift the trash can to clear it, and noticed it was heavy. That’s when she discovered the infant.

An airport nurse was called, and she brought the infant to the clinic for examination and first aid.

Oxygen inhalation and ambubagging were provided by the attending doctor, who also suctioned secretions from the infant’s nasal and oral area, said the report.

“After 20-30 minutes of continuous resuscitation, patient began to cry continously, heart rate increased from 100-140, color from neck to head turned pink,” said the incident report.

Airport authorities turned over the infant, described as a “full-term baby boy,” to the Pasay City General Hospital.

Janitress Maricel Guliman, who found the baby boy, had a message to the woman who left him in the trash can: “Sana makonsyensya ka, dalawin mo anak mo. Buhay siya. Pero kung ayaw mo, sigurado hindi ka patatahimikin ng budhi mo [I hope your conscience bothers you, and you’ll visit your son. He’s alive. But if you don’t want to do that, you’ll never find peace].”

The newborn boy starts to cry continuously after being revived by airport medical staff. PHOTO COURTESY OF MARICEL GULIMAN