WATCH | DNA from Bulacan massacre victim indicates rape by main suspect Ibañez – police

July 14, 2017 - 3:15 PM
Police present the suspect in the Bulacan massacre. (image from News5 video)

(UPDATED – 9:00 p.m.) MANILA – The DNA profiling done on the vaginal swab taken from Estrella Carlos – the mother of three children who were among the five people killed June 27 – “is consistent” with the DNA of main suspect Carmelino Ibañez, the Bulacan police announced Friday.

The results are seen by probers as solid evidence that Ibañez was at the crime scene and had raped Estrella, who was found dead along with her mother Aurlng Dizon and three children, including one-year-old son Dexter Carlos Jr.

Ibañez, who first confessed to the crime, remains under detention even as three persons of interest earlier questioned then released by cops, have become victims of summary execution by unknown parties.

The separate, successive killings of persons of interest Rolando Pacinos, Rosevelth Sorima and Anthony Garcia have placed the Bulacan police under fire amid concerns the three men, being simply persons of interest, will never have their day in court, and the truth about the perpetrators might never be known. A fourth person of interest, Alvin Mabesa who is Sorima’s brother-in-law, remains missing after being seized by unknown men – a fate that befell Garcia, whose body was found days after his abduction.

Police, meanwhile, are searching for what is believed to be a second murder weapon, a knife, used in the killing of Estrella’s 9-year-old daughter, according to a report on radio DzBB. This is because the lone knife found at the crime scene turned up DNA profiles that are consistent with just four of the five victims: Estrella, her mother, and two of her three children.

In the wake of the successive killings of the three men (Sorima, Garcia and Pacinos) last week, probers also tagged Dexter Sr. a person of interest. However, officials revealed Friday that testimonies obtained from officemates of Dexter Sr. ruled out any possibility he was at crime scene. They all said he was at the bank, rendering his regular on duty as security guard, during the hours when police believe the crime was committed.

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