Facing threat of abolition, PCGG cites efficiency record: annual target exceeded just after midyear

August 3, 2017 - 4:37 PM
The Bureau of Treasury office in Intramuros. FILE PHOTO FROM BWORLDONLINE

MANILA – Faced with recent questions on its relevance and a proposal for its abolition, the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) announced Thursday it had breached its 2017 goal of remittances to the national government in just the middle of the year.

That record – exceeding the P336-million full-year target by remitting to the Bureau of Treasury a total P357 million, or an output of 106%. – sets it as “one of the most efficient government agencies,” PCGG said in a press release.

The PCGG said it still expects to recover more than P100 million by the end of the year, for a total recovery of almost half a billion pesos, despite a modest 2017 budget of just P114M.

For the last six years, PCGG said it has been able to remit a yearly recovery average of more than P12 billion, notwithstanding its modest annual average budget of P103 million. This translates to an average cost to recovery ratio of P1 : 130.19, the agency added.

PCGG Commissioners Reynold S. Munsayac (Acting Chairman), Rey E. Bulay, and John A. Agbayani said the PCGG is very pleased to be able to contribute money to be used for the programs of the Duterte administration, especially those intended for the farmers since P260 million of the funds collected this year will go directly to Agrarian Reform programs.

They also said that this exemplary performance is not just an offshoot of the calls to abolish the PCGG but a significant testament to PCGG’s unwavering commitment towards excellence in public service.

With still more than 200 pending cases in the Philippines and in other countries, the PCGG said it continues to actively seek the recovery of billions of pesos of ill-gotten wealth while at the same time managing billions of pesos worth of assets of the sequestered companies.

The PCGG said it will continue to faithfully perform its mandates through the guidance and support of President Duterte. Unlike other government revenue agencies, the recoveries of the PCGG are non-tax revenues and these funds go directly either to the agrarian reform program or to the human rights victims.