Pen Medina wraps it up for a new action-packed role, er, roll

August 10, 2017 - 2:57 PM
Pen Medina looks forward to action-packed roles. Photo courtesy of KFC.

Award-winning actor Pen Medina is over the drama.

Best known for his roles in movies like Jose Rizal and Deathrow, and as a fixture in the Philippine indie film scene, Medina says he is ready to explore roles outside of the usual drama movies he stars in. In an industry where actors are expected to stick to typecast roles, Medina wants to reinvent himself, eager to sink his teeth in a new action sizzler.

“Iyakan na naman,” he says. “Sawang-sawa na ako sa ganyan. Iba naman.”

He shares that he wants to take on a new challenge: that of an action star.

“Ako ang gagawa ng mga stunts ko, Wala akong double,” he says. “Gusto ko ‘yung may talunan. May batuhan. May suntukan. May sipaan.”

The veteran actor, whose career spans four decades, has a proven track record as a versatile thespian. Now, Pen Medina is about to face his most action-packed role ever. Or should we say, an action-packed roll. As he rolls his way to a new acting challenge, KFC is wrapping up a Pinoy favorite into a burrito!

After the success of the KFC Sisig Rice Bowl, KFC offers yet another new twist to the well-loved Pinoy favorite – the KFC Sisig Burrito. The KFC Sisig Burrito puts together its signature Hot Shots with sisig rice, sisig sauce, chicken skin and mayonnaise, all wrapped in tortilla bread.

Get in on the action and enjoy the new Sisig Burrito. Enjoy it on its own for P95, or with regular fries and a drink at P140!

This is definitely a new and exciting roll that Pen Medina can’t say no to!

Heck, none of us will say no to that.

The KFC Sisig Burrito is now available in all KFC branches nationwide. Try one at a KFC near you today or visit