Go Beyond Vitamins and Minerals—with Probiotics


Your body is not simply a machine. This means that even when you eat lots of fuel like vitamins & minerals, it won’t always be enough for your good health. Rather, your body is a complex living, breathing thing—it is home to billions of microscopic “good” bacteria, that help you maintain vitality, ward off disease, and feel great every day.

So what must we consume to aid the good bacteria in our bodies? We need probiotics: a preparation of live microorganisms best for human health. Probiotics are potent because they must come from a human source, like mother’s milk. Unlike microorganisms we might get from non-human sources (like cows), probiotics from humans—therefore optimum for humans—are specially formulated by nature to keep our bodies healthy and help with improving metabolism, preventing tumors, reducing inflammation, improving digestion, normalizing high blood pressure, boosting the immune system, controllling blood sugar level, and more.

So with all these great benefits, why don’t we see much of this in the market? It’s because probiotics die easily, and once dead they are no longer beneficial to the person consuming them. Probiotics must be live when they reach the small and large intestines and they have to be in adequate amounts, and it’s not always easy to prepare them with the proper process and technology.

The good news is that one of the few successful manufacturers and distributors of probiotics worldwide is now operating in the Philippines. Cognoa International Inc. has a wide range of products containing probiotics, but the company is perhaps best known for their Pro15 capsules, produced with Patented Double Microencapsulation Technology that ensures all of the 15 strains of probiotics in the product survive stomach acids and bile salts, making their way to your small and large intestines where they will colonize and proliferate. Each capsule contains around 10 billion bacteria composed of 11 Lactobacillus and 4 Bifidobacterium strains.

Cognoa’s mission is to add value to humanity, so much so that beyond providing high quality products, the company also provides Filipinos with opportunities to spread health and wealth in the country through an effective, multi-level compensation plan that rewards dedicated Cognoa distributors.

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