WATCH | SWS poll: Pinoys more satisfied with Duterte government than any other


MANILA – Public satisfaction with the performance of President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration rose in December 2017 to the highest level on record since the Social Weather Stations started conducting opinion surveys in 1980s.

His administration obtained an “excellent” net satisfaction rating of +70, a rise of 12 points from September’s “very good” level based on a Dec. 8-16 poll, SWS disclosed on Thursday.

Political analyst Ramon Casiple said the recent survey showed Duterte’s popularity had not diminished, despite drawing international criticism for his bloody war on drugs and human rights record.

Duterte in military garb
President Rodrigo Duterte, wearing a military uniform, gestures as he delivers a speech during the 67th founding anniversary of the First Scout Ranger regiment in San Miguel, Bulacan. November 24, 2017. REUTERS / Romeo Ranoco

“It is related to his actions, because he implemented what he promised, starting with his anti-drugs campaign, and then the Build, Build, Build infrastructure projects, anti-corruption efforts, and now the charter change to shift to federalism,” he said.

Seventy-nine percent of adult Filipinos said they were satisfied, against 9% dissatisfied, resulting in a net satisfaction rating of +70, SWS said in a statement.

Twelve percent were neither satisfied or dissatisfied.

The figures mirrored the same trend in Duterte’s trust rating, which bounced back to “excellent” in the December SWS survey, from “very high” three months before.

The Duterte administration’s rating exceeded the previous record of +66 achieved by the administration of former President Benigno Aquino in June 2013.

It got “very good” scores in five of 18 “performance subjects” rated, such as fighting terrorism, helping the poor, infrastructure development, foreign relations and providing jobs, SWS said.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said, “This excellent public confidence will continue to motivate the president and his team to continue working hard to lay down the foundations for a peaceful and prosperous nation.”

The administration got “good” scores in 11 subjects, including defending territorial rights and protecting human rights, but scored low in fighting inflation and solving the traffic problem, the survey said.