2 million reached in ‘Huwag Mahiyang Magtanong’ series, a doctor-led Q&A and virtual tour of the body

January 26, 2018 - 4:38 PM
A scene from the "Huwag Mahiyang Magtanong: LIVE sa Baga Mo!" episode.

Affordable and quality medicine provider RiteMED has reached over two million Facebook users on the first episode of its pioneering Facebook Live program “Huwag Mahiyang Magtanong”!

“Huwag Mahiyang Magtanong” is one of RiteMED’s initiatives to demystify medical issues for ordinary Filipinos, who were eager to get the chance to consult with a doctor for free through the power of social media. What differentiates this doctor-led online consultation is the innovative use of virtual reality as a medium of education. Through the partnership with InterAksyon, creative digital media firm DigiScript Philippines, and immersive technology company Chibot, RiteMED not only went live on-stream but also “live” inside the human body.

In the first episode, aired last August 2017 in time for National Lung Month, adult pulmonologist Dr. Percival Punzal, together with InterAksyon editor-in-chief Roby Alampay, took viewers on a virtual tour of the respiratory system in the one-hour episode “LIVE sa Baga Mo!”. The in-depth dialogue discussed different topics ranging from common misconceptions, proper medication, and even prevention of respiratory diseases.

Dr. Punzal also answered various Facebook users’ questions about their ailments such as asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Another popular concern for the viewers was the safety of vaping, to which Dr. Punzal replied that there were still many things about the tobacco substitute which were unknown. He added that its safety has not yet been proven, which was why he discouraged the public from using it.

During this Q&A segment, the use of virtual reality shone, as the virtual rendering of the human organ systems caught the interest of viewers as they saw the difference between healthy and damaged lungs. In fact, the live broadcast received 61 questions, while 138 more questions came in after the show ended.

The second “Huwag Mahiyang Magtanong” episode revolved around the heart, with interventional cardiologist Dr. Rowena Cacas-Rebollido explaining the functions of the heart and discussing heart problems such as heart attack, rheumatic heart disease, and congenital heart disease in a seven-minute “Heart 101” teaser ahead of the October Facebook Live stream.

A scene from the “Puso 101” video.

1.7 million Facebook users were reached by the “LIVE sa Puso Mo!” episode, and over 1,000 comments were sent in during and after the Q&A with Dr. Cacas-Rebollido.

For the third episode of “Huwag Mahiyang Magtanong”, RiteMED and InterAksyon will bring the audience “LIVE sa Utak Mo!” with adult neurologist Dr. Greg Dayrit leading the discussion for the first live stream of the series this 2018.

A scene from “Utak 101”.

Other upcoming topics are the male and female reproductive system and gastrointestinal system.