Radio Veritas on government’s ‘curtailing of free speech and press freedom’

January 27, 2018 - 11:48 AM

Radio Veritas 846, the no.1 faith based radio station in the country assails the “brazen act” by the incumbent administration in curtailing freedom of free speech and press freedom in the Philippines.

Government should come clean on the issue of free speech, press freedom and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s revocation of Rappler news online’s license to operate.

It is not proper for the Office of the President to use government agencies to harass or silence any media outfit or institution that do not subservient to the administration’s wishes.

Father Anton CT Pascual, Radio Veritas 846 President quoted Pope Francis’ statement emphasizing that both religious freedom and freedom of expressions are fundamental human rights.

Radio Veritas 846 President also reiterated Archdiocese of Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle’s reflections during a forum on “Catholic Media in Challenging Times” of the Church’s conviction that there should be freedom of the people to share information and that it is the right of the people to receive truthful information.

Father Pascual quoted (John 8:32): “The Truth will set you free”.

According to Father Pascual, a government that curtails free speech and freedom of the press is tantamount to a “reign of darkness” in the country, similar to the reign of terror during the era of Marcos dictatorship.

For Father Pascual, freedom of the press should not be ceased by anyone because it is enshrined and protected by Article III, Section 4 of the 1987 constitution.

Father Pascual admits that although Rappler is very critical to the Catholic Church and its positions on social issues, the Church officials don’t have any personal vendetta against the news organization.

It must be recalled that President Duterte warned ABS-CBN not to renew their franchise to operate if the organization will not support the administration’s agenda in pushing for the Federal form of government.

Thus, Father Pascual appealed to all media practitioners, especially to the Catholic media to always side with freedom and to always have the courage to denounce anything that curtails free expressions of freedom.

The Archdiocese of Manila-run radio station Radio Veritas 846 has been known as a reliable source for breaking news during Martial law. It was the only radio station to report on Senator Benigno Aquino’s death and the only radio station who aired the live coverage of the funeral procession. Radio Veritas 846 also made a mark in the Philippine history by being the radio station who aired Jaime Cardinal Sin’s call to Filipino people to go to EDSA to defend freedom and democracy.