8 wounded in grenade attack on Cotabato town plaza

February 8, 2018 - 9:07 AM

COTABATO CITY, Philippines — Eight persons were wounded when a grenade was lobbed at the public plaza of Banisilan, Cotabato Wednesday night, the eve of the town’s 36th founding anniversary.

The 8:45 p.m. attack happened just as electricity was restored after a brownout when the MK2 fragmentation grenade was lobbed at the booth of Barangay Tinimbacan.

Baragay Pantar chairman Sanni Kadil, who was in the vicinity of the booth, told police he believed he was the target of the attack, which appeared to be the offshoot of a rido or clan war that was also the reason for an ambush that he survived last year.

Kadil’s son, Kingboy, was among the wounded.

The others were Jeffrey Salunayan, Jun Amad, Samrod Mamocao, Datu Ali Mamocao, Geradin Panangulo, Pedro Labaosares and Ismael Cañido.