NUJP lashes out at Roque: From human rights lawyer to fake news peddler

February 8, 2018 - 10:01 PM
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MANILA – The National Union of Journalists in the Philippines on Thursday lashed out at Presidential Spokesman and Adviser on Human Rights Harry Roque, whom it said “has completed his metamorphosis from a lawyer who built his reputation as a defender of freedom of the press and of expression, into a true blue peddler of “fake news.”

According to NUJP’s acting chair, Atty. Jocelyn Clemente, and secretary general Dabet Panelo, Roque had “knowingly mouthed the canard” that mainstream media “does not report the truth,” thus driving people to seek the truth in liars like him.

NUJP pointed out through an interview with one self-styled DDS (Diehard Duterte Supporter) blogger, which was streamed on social media, that “Roque spouted this gem of disinformation: ‘The reason why social media in the Philippines, the DDS has grown as big as it is, is in reaction to the fact that traditional media really does not report the truth.'”

“They’re not always objective because if they were, why would people seek alternative sources of information?” Roque added.

“We are tempted to call his transformation shameful but for the fact that we seriously doubt he even knows shame anymore,” said NUJP.

“Indeed, Roque has proven himself more than a worthy replacement for Ernesto Abella, displaying a mastery of “creative imagination” his admittedly more sober predecessor could never hope to match.

“Like his principal, he has acquired a penchant for accusing media of making him look bad by doing what they ought to – reporting his pronouncements accurately with the proper context and background.

“There can be no worse spokesman than one who cannot talk straight then blames the messenger for his muddled message.

“Try as they might, Roque and his fellow purveyors of deceit can never hope to replace media for in the end, the truth will come out.”