DOTr rejects MIASCOR’s plea to remain as airport ground handler

March 15, 2018 - 5:01 PM

MANILA – The Department of Transportation and the Manila Internaiotnal Airport Authority have denied the request of MIASCOR Aviation Services for reconsideration of the decision to terminate their contract as ground handling service provider in several airports in the country.

This means that such services are deemed terminated by May 2018, said a statement Thursday by the DOTr-MIAA.

“After careful evaluation of facts surrounding an incident of baggage pilferage involving MIASCOR’s employees, and in line with the clear directive of President Rodrigo Duterte for MIASCOR’s contract to be terminated, the DOTr denies the appeal of MIASCOR, and stands firm in its decision to not to renew the company’s contract with the Manila International Airports Authority beyond April 2018,” said the DOTr-MIAA press statement.

“The President has also said that he will not entertain any appeal from MIASCOR Aviation Services,” added the statement.

MIASCOR had earlier sought reconsideration of the order, which the President gave in anger after social media posts of the pilferage became viral. MIASCOR said the termination means millions in business losses and the displacement of thousands of workers.