Kris Aquino: ‘Mocha does not deserve my humility’

June 6, 2018 - 7:55 PM
Kris Aquino shared another video after Mocha Uson responded to her by saying that the matter was not about the actress, but the kissing incident. The "Queen of All Media" retaliated by questioning who initiated the controversial kiss. (Art by Uela Badayos)

The word war between Kris Aquino and Mocha Uson escalated on Wednesday with the two popular women debating over President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial kiss with an OFW.

The “Queen of All Media” released another video where she firmly stated that she would like to end the feud between the two of them after Uson has rebutted against her.

Aquino wrote in the caption of the video: “I was asked by my sisters to be humble and I tried but I’m sorry, [Mocha] does not deserve my humility.”

Uson said that the matter was not about Kris but the kissing incidents in the video.

“Tungkol ito sa paglagay ng malisya sa isang halik. Itinumbas lang sa gawain ng ibang lider tulad ng tatay n’ya. Miss Aquino, this is not about you,” the blogger-turned-government official said.

Kris replied through her latest video and admitted that it was not about her, but her deceased father.

Posted by Kris Aquino on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

“But you have to accept this fact,” she said. “Laman at dugo niya ko. At karapatan ko na magsalita para sa kanya.”

Kris replayed the video of Uson for the benefit of her viewers and quoted the former, saying, “Itinumbas sa gawain ng isang lider.”

“Sinong humalik?” Kris added with contempt. “Ganoon ka-simple. I will not add further to that.”

In the comparison video that Uson shared, Duterte was the one who initiated the kiss while Aquino was being kissed by his supporters after returning from a self-imposed exile.

Kris added that she is not angry with Duterte and has never said any negative statements about him.

“Ibabalik ko ang words sa’yo,” she said to Uson, enunciating each word carefully. “Sino ang humalik?”

The comments section of Kris’ video has since been flooded with people supporting her, with others saying that they would do the same if their parents would get involved in a similar issue. — Art by Uela Badayos