Nancy Binay’s ‘advanced thinking’ on her SONA outfit preempts bashers

July 23, 2018 - 5:40 PM
SONA outfit bashers? No problem, Sen. Nancy Binay got this. (Artwork by Uela Badayos)

For four years in a row, Sen. Nancy Binay has made the news with her outfit for the State of the Nation Address.

In this 2018 SONA, she got positive attention on social media instead of being bashed.

Binay wore a powder blue gown designed by Randy Ortiz during the morning’s Senate session and as she made her entrance to the Senate hall, she quipped that her gown’s color matches with the carpet.

“O di ba, match na match ako sa carpet?” Binay told the reporters.

Her remark earned praises from some Filipinos who lauded her for her preempting the potential bashing.

“Advance magisip si Nancy Binay inunahan na yung mga pupuna sa suot niya HAHAHA,” Twitter user Michael Galano wrote.

“Lmao Nancy B’s [self-deprecating] humor ‘kakulay ko ang carpet,’” Twitter user myhunna said.

Binay’s move is true to her brand of sharing tips on handling her bashers.

In her previous television interviews, Binay said she will publish a book listing tips on how to deal with online trolls and critics.

Binay also shared that she is honored for the attention she is getting every SONA.

“Nagpapasalamat ako sa mga nagba-bash, tsaka yung mga naglo-look forward sa susuotin ko every year. ‘Yun pa lang, it’s an honor,” Binay was quoted by reporters.

It was in 2014 when Binay was first criticized for her SONA outfit. Her skirt was likened to a hot air balloon, and she was also compared to Disney character Fiona and Pokemon “Bellosom.”

In 2015, Binay’s outfit for the Senate session also generated memes of her being transformed into Mystique, Maleficent and Avatar because her gown was blue.

Binay’s purse did not escape the public’s eye in SONA 2016, as it was likened to a shape of leche flan pan.

In 2017, Binay’s outfit for the Senate session was once again bashed for resembling Physical Education jogging pants.

Despite this, Binay’s pointy shoes was still turned into memes by a few social media users who likened them to a shoe-knife.

The senator also wore the same outfit to the SONA.