Missed your virtual pets from Pet Society? Get new ones with Pet Paradise

July 27, 2018 - 4:52 PM
The image shows the new design of Pet Society reboot, Pet Paradise. (Pet Paradise/Facebook)

Filipinos can go on a trip down memory lane as one of the most famous flash games of Facebook, Pet Society, has made a comeback in the game “Pet Paradise.”

Pet Paradise is a mobile game similar to Pet Society which was developed by Playfish and was one of the most popular Facebook games before it shut down in June 2013.

Pet Society was launched on August 8, 2008 and became one of the most widely played games along with Restaurant City and Farmville.

Due to this, the announcement of Pet Paradise game creators Daniel Zazueta Cortez and Adrian Zazueta made buzz on social media.

The game was finally released last Wednesday and nostalgic Filipinos were rejoicing how it reincarnated Pet Society.

Like the old Pet Society, Pet Paradise allows users to customize their pets, decorate their house, bring gifts to friends and visit them.

Pet Paradise was made available to iOS and Android users during the launch.

However, the gaming team said that after the application’s release, its servers went down.

The gaming team said they are now investigating the issues causing the slow performance of the game.

The application has also been removed from the AppStore in all countries and it is only available on the PlayStore in Mexico.

Eager Filipino gamers complained about the issues they are experiencing with the game.

The developers, however, assured that they are just resolving the server issues and it will be made available again.

“It will be back as soon as we solve our server issues,” the Pet Paradise team said.

“We ask you for patience since we are [only] two developers,” it added.