ICT UPDATE | Computrade sees promising opportunities in digital transformation, unveils new partnerships

May 1, 2017 - 3:56 PM
Photo: Toto A. Atmojo, president, director of Defenxor; Teddy Sumulong, managing director of CTP; Rachmat Gunawan, director of CTI Group; Stephanie Boo, managing director-APAC of Menlo Security; Pun Kok (PK) Lim, Managing Director for ASEAN of Nutanix and Siva Belasamy, chief executive officer of Deep Identity. Handout photo

Computrade Technology Philippines, Inc. (CTP) recently held the IT Infrastructure Summit 2017 which showcased the latest trends and innovations in Digital Transformation and Machine Learning in support of partners and customers. At the high-level conference, CTP also launched new partnerships with a number of IT solutions and services vendors focused on security and infrastructure.

Teddy Sumulong, managing director of CTP, said, “Security nowadays is a moving target. There is no silver bullet that would address every concern.

“With the present principals, one of the key areas we would like to engage in is the public sector. We will tackle it from the point of view of compliance, security issues and data privacy. We hope to work with more visionary public agencies.”

Beyond the big ticket segments, Sumulong sees emerging opportunities in the telcos, which are traditional early adopters of new technologies and prime targets of cyber attacks. He also forecasts a lot of growth in secondary markets such as the BPOs, travel and transport and the hospitality industry seeking to improve their operational efficiencies and cost savings.

To reinforce its position as a premier provider of technology solutions, CTP introduced four new partners whose products and services will extend Computrade’s strategy of end-to-end management of enterprise IT.

Deep Identity is a Singapore-based start-up that helps enterprises in securing access to their internal networks and services. According to the company’s CEO Siva Belasamy, data breaches have become frequent and large-scale over the last five years, with a 400% rise in intrusions on IoT connected devices. Belasamy also noted that the most often cited sources of vulnerabilities are employees and contractors.

He clarified, “IT security challenges come down to three elements, namely identity, access and data. Equipped with our Integrated Access and Data Access Governance solutions, the customer will have end-to-end capability to manage users, access to data and applications, and data security.

“For instance, one of the pillars of our solution is to track where a certain file is kept, who has access to the file, when it was last accessed, how many copies of the file are there, etc. It therefore becomes a tool for the customer to detect if and when the file was hacked and help identify the intruding party.”

Defenxor, a start-up company from Indonesia, is engaged in monitoring and managing of IT security functions via shared a service from remote security operations centers, and not through on-site personnel. This managed service provides 24/7 surveillance, quick incident response and management, and pro-active discovery of vulnerabilities.

Toto A. Atmojo, President Director of Defenxor explained, “When there is an attack, our service does the collection and classification of information on the environment we are managing, undertake forensics and deliver incident report on the scale and impact of the attack. We also have a mobile app that notifies the customer of the incident in real-time. It reduces the complexity of managing IT security for the customer and allows him to focus more on his business.”

Web risks protection experts Menlo Security Inc. deploys a digital solution that isolates the user from threats coming from email and websites. Its premise is that the Internet has become a World Wild Web where risks arise from web sites that have been compromised as well as from outdated applications that don’t receive updates and become vulnerable to modern-day threats.

“Our security platform is a holistic solution that includes detection, response and the ability to predict for the entire organization,” said Stephanie Boo, Managing Director-Asia-Pacific of Menlo.

“Instead of allowing traffic to come to the network, our solution actually applies a virtual browsing experience. We fetch the web content on behalf of the customer, analyze and resolve any threat, and then renders clean content back to the user. All the time, the user is never exposed to any risks and his actual web experience is not disrupted.”

Nutanix provides a new wave of security tools and technologies against threats so data centers can focus on the applications and services that power their business. Its Enterprise Cloud integrates server, storage, virtualization and networking in a hyperconverged platform to run any workload, at any scale, while removing the complexity of legacy infrastructure.

“Nutanix simplifies datacenter infrastructure by integrating server and storage resources into a turnkey appliance that can be deployed in just 60 minutes,” Pun Kok Lim, Managing Director for ASEAN of Nutanix, pointed out. “We can scale the server and the storage and it enables us to also scale based on actual needs of the enterprise and the subsequent purchases that will be made accordingly. If more storage or computing capacity is required, additional Nutanix nodes can be added non-disruptively, one at a time.”

To date, Computrade has 60 active partners.