Sarah Lahbati’s mother almost drowned in Siargao after swimming accident

December 20, 2018 - 4:18 PM
Sarah Lahbati and Esther Lahbati
Sarah Lahbati, her mother and Kai (Instagram/Sarah Lahbati)

Actress Sarah Lahbati’s mother is in critical condition after almost drowning in Siargao, a premier surfing spot, while taking swimming lessons.

In a post on Instagram on December 18, Lahbati asked for prayers for her mother Esther who is still in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in Manila.

Swimming accident

Based on her Instagram stories, her mother was taking swimming lessons in the province when strong currents put her underwater. It was her father, Abdel Lahbati, who saved her.

“She’s been taking swimming lessons everyday and has been good at it but we cannot fight mother nature. The currents were too strong and she drowned,” she said.

“My dad saved her but she still lost a lot of blood and was unconscious. They had to fight the current to get to the boat,” she added.

The TV personality expressed she was “crying and shaking” when she first learned about it. She also appealed to the public to pray for her mother and send help for those who were currently in the place that time.

By 3pm of that day, she informed her fans that her mother was brought to the Metropolitan Medical Clinic and was already conscious.

On December 19, Lahbati said that her mother is confined and recovering at St. Luke’s Medical Center.

The Filipino-Moroccan model first rose to fame when she won the fifth season of Starstruck, a TV talent show.

She currently has two children, Kai and Zion, with fiancé and fellow actor Richard Gutierrez.