2 counts of grave threat against Kris Aquino over viral recording

January 21, 2019 - 3:22 PM
Nicko and Jesus Falcis Interkasyon
Nicko Falcis and Jesus Falcis filed two counts of criminal complaints against Kris Aquino. (Facebook/Nicko Falcis)

Business manager Nicko Falcis and his brother filed a criminal complaint against Kris Aquino after a supposed phone call between Falcis and Aquino made rounds on social media last week.

Copies of an audio clip of a supposed phone conversation between Aquino and Falcis blew up when Gretchen Barretto reportedly posted about it on her account.

The Falcis brothers filed two counts of grave threats against the TV personality before the Office of the City Prosecutor of Quezon City on January 19.

Lawyer Jesus Falcis, the younger brother, shared photos of their filing on Instagram.

“A death threat is a death threat. We have to protect our life and security from the crazy rich and powerful,” Falcis said in the caption.

“Growing up as gay people, we were bullied but we have always stood up against our bullies. This is no exception,” he added.

The complaint contains the threats Aquino supposedly blurted out to her former business partner in a recorded phone call that took place on September 27 of last year.

Last year, Aquino lodged 44 counts of qualified theft against Falcis, an accountant, in different cities.

She claimed that Falcis exploited P1.2 million from her through a credit card she gave him when he was still working at her production outfit, Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions or KCAP.

She also blamed him for missing P40 million worth of investments from her children’s trust funds.

Moreover, Aquino also sued the younger brother, Jesus, with cyber libel over the perceived offensive postings he made against her.

The phone call

Barretto shared screenshots of an audio recording from a sketchy entertainment channel on YouTube called Kdot Web on January 15. It’s not certain whether Barretto was the one who provided the copy to the channel.

The clip was titled “Kris Aquino vs. Nicko Falcis Recorded Conversation!”

Prior to this, Barretto made an unexpected gesture of support to Falcis through an Instagram post that read: “No to bullies! Stop power tripping.”

Aquino soon dared Falcis in a now-deleted post to file grave threat cases against her. She did not admit to be the woman in the viral audio at first.

It was soon replaced by another one that suggested her admittance and apology this time.

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#dontbeasawsawero #dontmakesawsaw Kalurx kasi yung in much need of a workshop because yung voice acting kulang (at least ako drama queen ang pintas ng trolls and may guessing game na kung kailan papatak ang tears on TV) sorry ha, but last time i saw him face to face when i asked for his resignation which he willingly signed, together with a quit claim & NDA, gusto akong kurutin ni R.A. because i was maldita and said- YOU ARE SO ANNOYING, PLEASE ENROLL IN A WORKSHOP? 2 hours kang trying to cry, until now walang tears! sabay irap & walk out… alam naman nya binubwisit ko lang ang life nya that Sept 27… Diba nga magmula nung Sunday night in April, di na kami nagusap ni brother, sa irita nya with me? Honest ako, i’ve seen Noy once in 9 months- in kuya josh’s hospital room- they were all so worried parating sya & i was still in St Luke’s & the guy who was responsible for the recording knew that. #awkward My 3 meek & mild, simple, super prayerful sisters will do harm? Wag naman bilugin ang utak ng tao. You & i know that was a bluff provoked by anger & fear because of my awful health diagnosis. Hindi naman ako nahihiya umamin, again R.A. and A.G. na present in the Sept 18 confrontation didn’t know where to look because ayaw nilang matawa, kasi nasabi ko: i’m not my brother, i’m not my sisters, because we all know- i’m not mabait… R.A. took meticulous notes from the face to face mtg. A.G. said: Madam, stating the obvious ka naman dun sa: i’m not mabait. R said: Alam mo, inulit mo yung “that bar” with matching hampas ng credit card bill and yung “Coke souvenirs from Atlanta” 8 times nakakaloka ka! i know i should be repentant pero ang hirap talaga kasi nga magna cum laude sya na inside out ng life ko alam. So i know he knew his level of guilt & my inability to make good on my “threat”… Sadly, this has been 1 badly orchestrated demolition job being funded by personalities out for political revenge… i’ll own na kasalanan ko ‘to. Diba kung ang tabihan mo may kuto, sure nang mahahawaan ka? Unforgivable for me? their timing- now that i am so physically weak. oh well, bilog ang mundo.

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“Wag naman bilugin ang utak ng tao. You and I know that was a bluff provoked by anger & fear because of my awful health diagnosis,” Aquino said in the lengthy caption.

“Sadly, this has been one badly orchestrated demolition job being funded by personalities out for political revenge… I’ll own na kasalanan ko ‘to,” she added.

As if this was not enough, Aquino also made a Facebook live broadcast to air her side on the confrontation.

“Nagkamali ako dahil sa tindi ng galit ko, dahil noong panahon na ‘yon—I’ll put everything into context—my son was breaking down, because he knew kung gaano ka-serious ang autoimmune disease. He knew also kung gaano katindi ang allergies ng nanay niya, that’s why we came here para malaman natin kung may chance ba para malabanan pa. If you see your 11-year-old son breaking down, hindi ka ba magagalit?” part of her half hour broadcast said.

She then claimed that Falcis and his family are just expendable pawns to her family’s political rivals.

“Sa ginawa niyo sa’kin, magpapalakas ako. Maghanda kayo. Magpapalakas talaga ako. The Falcis family don’t realize they are just pawns. They are expendable, being used by bigger political powers,” she said.

Falcis later clapped back at Aquino and emphasized his innocence against the accusations of Aquino.

“I have nothing to gain from this fight. You have ruined my reputation even before the cases have started. I merely want to clear my name. I’ve said this before, I say it again: I refuse to be bullied. No Filipino– regardless of economic stature should ever be,” he said on Facebook.