‘Natutuwa ba or hindi?’ Maris Racal puzzled by Alex Gonzaga’s reaction during ‘Ate Sandali’ performance

July 19, 2021 - 3:32 PM
Maris Racal and Alex Gonzaga
Maris Racal in this photo on her official Instagram account on July 17, 2021 and Alex Gonzaga in this photo from her account on May 11, 2021. (Photos from Instagram via mariesteller and cathygonzaga)

“Ate, sandali!”

Actress-singer Maris Racal tagged television host Alex Gonzaga on social media who was seen watching the former’s performance of her latest single with the same title with a seemingly neutral expression.

The 23-year-old artist shared a video of her dancing and singing to “Ate Sandali,” a single from her upcoming mini-album.

Maris wrote the lyrics of the song while the track was produced by her boyfriend, veteran musician Rico Blanco. He is also the chief executive of Maris’ new record label, Balcony Entertainment.

Meanwhile, in the video shared by Maris, Alex was spotted among the spectators, wearing a dark dress and sitting with her hands on her lap.

“Ate Sandali!! Parang ‘di ko alam if natutuwa ba si ate @cathygonzaga or hindi?? Anyways, stream Ate Sandali on Spotify!!!” Maris wrote on her Instagram.


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She also uploaded the clip on Twitter and similarly tagged Alex.

Alex responded to both mentions on the same day.

“Kinikilatis kita… magaling ang sawayan at performance mo. Asar ako sa abs mo nagpapakita siya kahit ‘di tinatawag,” she wrote on Instagram with a smirking emoji on the end.

“Tuwa naman ako, gigil lang ako sa abs mo nagpapakita siya kahit ‘di naman tinatawag,” Alex likewise responded on Twitter.

Social media users noticed Alex’s “neutral” reaction as well and shared their observations in the comments.

“Parang PE subject ‘to ah HAHAHA si Ate Alex ‘yung terror PE teacher ta’s student si Ate Maris, kapag may maling step, 75 agad ang grade HAHAH,” an Instagram user wrote.

“Lakas maka-MISS MINCHIN! Hahahaha,” another online user exclaimed in response to Alex’s outfit and appearance.

“Miss Minchin” is a fictional character from the novella “A Little Princess.”

She is the antagonist who serves as the headmistress of the boarding school where the main character, Sara Crewe, is sent to by her father.

In its Japanese animated series, Miss Minchin is always depicted wearing a dark long-sleeved dress.