F4’s Vic Chou makes comeback as mysterious criminal in action thriller series ‘Danger Zone’

September 2, 2021 - 5:31 PM

Do you remember Vic Chou of Taiwanese boy band F4?

After nine years of hiatus in Taiwan’s showbiz industry, Vic has returned and now stars in iQiYi’s first prison-themed Chinese language series “Danger Zone.”

Danger Zone, directed by David Chuang and Chen Kuan Chung, is a million-dollar production thriller.

It follows a profiling expert Yan-dong Liang, who is played by Vic, and the string of crisis and mysteries that ensued after he made an under-the-table deal with a police captain named Chong-hui Tang and rookie officer Fei Ran.

The police captain is portrayed by veteran Singaporean actor Christopher Lee and Fei Ran by young Taiwanese actor Berant Zhu.

In a virtual press conference on September 1, Vic expressed excitement for the series, saying he and other cast members were pushed to their limits during the shooting.

“Even if I am a part of this series, I still find it fascinating to watch the trailer. I can’t wait to binge watch alongside everyone,” he said.

It was not all business while filming. The three main stars shared they had some laughs and bonded well behind the scenes.

“Even though Christopher Lee shouts at me all the time in the series. I still like him a lot. We are the best partners,” Berant said.

When the series was first announced last January, fans of F4 members rallied behind Vic and urged others to support him.

The rest of the stellar cast are Sandrine Pinna, Wu Hsing Kuo and and Tseng Jing Hua.

Of the cast, both Christopher and Vic were recipients of prestigious acting awards in Taiwan.

In 2013, Vic won the Golden Bell Award for Best Leading Actor in a Television Series for “Home.”

In 2014, Christopher also won the same prestigious award for “A Good Wife.”

The series will premiere exclusively on streaming service iQiYi International at 8 p.m.  Philippine Time on September 3. It would be released in 191 countries and regions.

“Danger Zone” would be available in ten subtitled languages Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, and Spanish,  so that viewers across the globe can watch the series in their preferred language.