‘It’s Zild’: Ben&Ben jokes about tweet likening them to ‘Stranger Things 4’ cast member

March 24, 2022 - 5:50 PM
Still image from Netflix's upcoming "Stranger Things" Season 4 (Facebook/Stranger Things)

The Facebook page of folk indie band Ben&Ben reacted to an online user who mistook one of their members as one of the cast members of Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

The Twitter user shared a teaser photo of “Stranger Things” upcoming Season 4 and wrote: “Is that Ben from Ben&Ben?”

The photo showed four male characters from the series posing inside a room.

Although the Twitter user, with username @goongnoriz, did not point out or name who she was referring to, one of the boys in the photo has long, black hair similar to the locks of twin brothers Miguel and Paolo Guico of Ben&Ben. That character has not yet appeared in the previous seasons of “Stranger Things.”

Ben&Ben’s Facebook page uploaded the screenshot of this tweet and shared it on their page.

They then reacted to it and wrote: “No, it’s Zild from Zild&Zild.”

The page was referring to Zild Benitez, a young musician popularly known as Zild, who is also a member of IV of Spades.

Ben&Ben recently collaborated with Zild and Juan Karlos Labajo for their track “Lunod.”

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Meanwhile, the “Stranger Things” character in the photo the  Ben&Ben was referring to as Zild is Mike Wheeler, portrayed by actor Finn Wolfhard.

Ben&Ben’s post gained traction on Facebook and has so far garnered 35,000 reactions, 544 comments and 1,900 shares.

Ben&Ben members Miguel and Paolo, Agnes Reoma later joined the amusement in the comments section.

“Nice one benben funny yarn,” Miguel said.

“Nice one benben memerist yarn,” Paolo commented.

“Bakit ang kulit?” Agnes said.

Zild likewise reacted in the comments section.

“Awts,” he said. 

Several Facebook commented puns poking fun at their names.

“Ben of Spades,” one Facebook user said.

“Ben&Ben meet up with Zild,” another user said.

The photo tweeted by the online user was among the still images posted by Netflix on March 23 to promote the show’s fourth season.

“It’s a full Stranger Things 4 extravaganza, hot off the griddle. Come and get it,” the caption reads.

According to Netflix, the much-anticipated season will have two volumes. The first volume will be streamed on May 27 and volume two on July 4.

“Stranger Things,” which premiered in 2016, is a science fiction series that tells the supernatural events that happen to the residents of a town during the 1980s.

Both IV of Spades and Ben&Ben, meanwhile, are award-winning Filipino bands who earned nominations from international music awards.

In October 2018, IV of Spades was nominated at the Best Southeast Asian Act category in the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards.

In 2020, Ben&Ben also got its first nomination under the same category at the MTV EMA.

Their nine-piece group’s first international award is the Best Asian Band at the NME Music Awards in the United Kingdom in 2022.