How Ace Banzuelo reacted to fan requesting collab with artist of his own song

June 1, 2022 - 5:55 PM
Ace Banzuelo (Sony Music Philippines/Released)

New OPM singer Ace Banzuelo made a witty reaction to a fan who asked him to collaborate with the singer of his own single “Muli.”

He released “Muli” on Spotify and all digital platforms in 2020.

Ace shared on Facebook a screenshot of an interaction he had with one of his fans on TikTok.

In the image, the user said: “Sana maka-collab mo yung kumanta ng ‘Muli’. Legit na magkaboses kayo.”

Ace then joined him in jest with this request.

“Sana,” he replied with emojis of prayer and hearts.

This post soon gained traction. It received 1,300 reactions, 72 comments and 94 shares on the platform.

Ace took the opportunity to promote his “official visualizer” of “Muli.” It was released on YouTube on May 31.

“Kung papakinggan niyong maiigi three kami magkaboses pala dito,” he remarked in the comments section. 

His fans later joined in his humor in the comments section.

Some of them jokingly made requests for him to collaborate with the singer of “Himala,” which Ace also released in 2020.

“Pati rin po sana yung kumanta ng ‘Himala,’ makacollab mo po sana,” one Facebook user said.

“Collab nga dyan nung kumanta nung ‘Muli’ please,” another user Facebook commented.

One Facebook user quipped that the singer of “Muli” is more talented than Ace.

“Mas magaling parin po yung kumanta ng muli kesa sainyo,” the user said.

The young singer-songwriter replied to this and asked: “Sino yan?”

Prior to this, on May 30, Ace released a TikTok video where he performed an acapella version of “Muli.”

It was in response to a user who made a similar comment which reads: “Ka-boses mo yung kumanta ng Muli.”

@acebanzuelo_ Reply to @_dncglnolgo ♬ original sound – Ace Banzuelo

The interaction he shared on Facebook can also be found in the comments section of his TikTok video.

As of writing, the video has over 431,000 views.

His TikTok account, on the other hand, has 58,000 followers and 851,000 likes.

Ace’s “Muli” topped the Spotify Philippines charts this week despite the song being released more than two years ago.

According to Sony Music Philippines, the eloquently produced track gained some love online through TikTok and other social media apps.

“Muli” also ranked third on Spotify Top 200 Philippines and landed on the top 2 sport of Spotify Viral 50 Philippines chart.

Outside the country, it peaked at No. 6 on Spotify Viral 50 Global and at No. 3 on Spotify UAE Viral 50, respectively.

In a statement, Ace admitted he was surprised by the song’s sudden popularity.

“I absolutely have no idea about its virality. The authentic support to the song was really surprising, because it started with regular people. There were no big promotional activities for this song, just the fans, and I truly love them for that,” he said.

Ace is set to release his first full-length debut album this year.