Family that cooks together: Legaspi fam shares kitchen faves

July 23, 2022 - 12:00 PM
From left to right Mavy, Carmina, Cassy and Zoren Legaspi. (Jolly Heart Mate/Released)

Despite their busy schedules, the Legaspi family makes it a point to cook their favorite meals at home and eat together to be updated with each other’s life.

Zoren and Carmina have been together for nearly 20 years. Their twins Mavy and Cassy, who just turned 21 years old in January, on the other hand, are beginning to make their mark in the showbiz industry.

“Number 1 thing in the Legaspi family is that being busy is not an excuse; we need to spend time together as a family, especially during mealtime,” Cassy said.

Her twin brother, Mavy, agreed and said if they are not together due to locked-in taping, they bond through video call.

“We’re all busy doing our own types of work, but when we all gather at the dining table, it brings us closer together. We talk about anything under the sun,” he said.

As the Legaspi kin bond over the table, Carmina said that they try to eat healthy food. Despite having cheat days, she said the key to balance is eating healthy food.

“Healthy pero masarap,” the actress said.

Carmina added that they became more conscious about what they are during the pandemic and so they tried to cook and eat healthier food.

“Mas gusto naming home-cooked meals than food deliveries para we know the ingredients, the way it’s cooked and prepared, at ano ‘yung cooking oil na ginamit. ‘Yung mga ganung details na akala natin hindi importante, sobrang mahalaga pala,” she said.

Every member of the Legaspi family has their own favorite home-cooked meals.

For Carmina, it’s the Pinoy-fave adobo, while Zoren likes “anything with noodles or pasta.”

The twins Mavy and Cassy love their mom’s version of salpicao and chicken fried rice, respectively.

“I usually cook with whatever’s in the pantry,” Carmina said.

“So, anything gisa-gisa. And when you sauté, you need canola oil. Ang pinakamadali, gambas. Kapag dinner time, I prepare Salmon Escabeche or pag wala ako maisip – salpicao!” she added.

According to Carmina, Zoren was the first in the family to learn how to cook as he also enrolled in Center for Culinary Arts (CCA), a culinary school.

Eventually, Zoren’s cooking inspired Carmina to also cook for the family.

“Ang pagluluto kasi, it’s a gift pala. It’s a talent,” Carmina said, adding that even Cassy and Mavy are starting to find themselves in the kitchen more often.

Their family has recently been named the first family celebrity endorsers of canola oil brand Jolly Heart Mate. They have been tapped to promote the brand and boost its campaign of promoting the importance of healthy and delicious meals for the whole family.

Carmina said they are grateful and honored to be the first family ambassador.

The oil brand offers the lowest amount of saturated fat or “bad fats” versus other types of vegetable oils. Bad fats increase bad cholesterol levels in your body which may lead to heart disease.

The canola oil also boasts high amounts of monounsaturated fats or the “good fats” that help lower bad cholesterol levels in your body. It contains Omega 3 and 6 which are essential to your heart, brain, and overall body development.

The Legaspis urged other families to keep their ties strong by bonging over home-cooked meals good for the heart.. —Rosette Adel