SB19, Mimiyuuuh, Ricci Rivero, Jayda reveal their food quirks

August 26, 2022 - 12:25 PM
This Aug. 24 photo shows artists SB19 and Jayda Avanzado. (Jayda Avanzado/Twitter)

Who dips French fries in sundae or puts ketchup in sinigang? 

Filipinos love to eat. In one way or another, most of us have unique eating habits and so are Filipino celebrities.

Some of them revealed these food quirks during an interview at the Pepsi Tambahay Party held in Quezon City last Wednesday.

SB19 Josh

SB19 member Josh said his food quirk is eating ketchup with rice. 

“Sa akin yung ketchup saka yung kanin, parang ulam. Pinaghahalo ko tapos kakainin ko,” Josh said. 

Aside from this, Josh revealed that his meal is not complete without chili. 

The artist noted that he would chop two chilis and add these to his meal. 

SB19 Justin

Justin’s food quirk is dipping sinigang in bagoong or fish paste. He also pairs mango with fish sauce. 

SB19 Ken

If Josh likes to mix rice with ketchup, Ken, on the other hand, loves to mix chocolate powdered drinks to a bowl of rice. 

SB19 Pablo

During the interview, Pablo revealed that he loves vinegar to the point that he pairs it with almost every food, even with hotdog or eggs. 

SB19 Stell

Like most Filipinos, Stell said he loves eating food with his bare hands. 

“Wala naman po akong anything unique na way ng pagkain pero paborito ko po talaga kapag kumakain nagkakamay,” the artist said. 

“Siguro po para maging unique, next time, try ko pong magpaa,” Stell jokingly said. 

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YouTube vlogger Mimiyuuuh revealed that after finishing her plate of pancit canton, she would lick her plate to savor the remaining sauce.  

“Alam niyo po bata pa lang ako, kapag ubos na yung pancit canton as in dinidilaan ko yung plato, as in simot na simot, hindi niyo na po kailangang hugasan yung plato,” the content creator with more than four million YouTube subscribers said.


For Jayda, her meal would not be complete without an egg. 

“Mahilig talaga ako sa egg, especially with pancit canton or anything . Kapag feeling ko medyo kulang yung ulam ko lagi akong may sunnyside up egg,” the singer said. 

Ricci Rivero

UP Fighting Maroons’ player Ricci Rivero revealed that his food quirk is eating in a bowl filled with soup.

“Medyo masabaw akong tao lalo na kapag kumakain tapos mga sinigang yung ulam ganyan,” the athlete said.

“Minsan halos sabaw pa lang ang dami na nating nakakain,” he said.