Who’s who: Donnalyn Bartolome, James Reid among godparents of Viy, Cong’s child Kidlat

October 28, 2022 - 3:29 PM
Composite shows Donnalyn Bartolome with Kidlat and James Reid (Viy Line Media Group via Baby Village; James Reid Instagram)

YouTubers Cong TV and Viy Cortez’s firstborn Zeus, more popularly known as Kidlat, got baptized on Thursday, October 27. 

Among his godparents are Donnalyn Bartolome and James Reid

While Cong was shooting a commercial with James, the former asked the latter to be Kidlat’s godfather. 

“Can you be the father of my baby?” Cong nervously asked. 

“Ay ano ba yon? Grandfather? Godfather? I’m sorry, I’m nervous e,” he added. 

James was caught off guard and laughed after Cong’s brother Junnie Boy quipped and said, “Can you be the baby?”

“You don’t have to attend the ceremony… So I could just… mapamalita ko lang sa amin na ninong ka,” Cong said.

James later on agreed and said, “Okay, why not.”

Meanwhile, Cong revealed on his vlog that Viy asked Donnalyn to be Kidlat’s godmother. 

A photo posted by the Viyline Media Group also showed that Donnalyn attended Kidlat’s baptism. 

Aside from the two celebrities, Team Payaman members such as Junnie, Boss Keng, Dudut, Yoh, Kuya Mic, Kuya Terio, and Kuya Inday, among others agreed to be Kidlat’s godparents.