Tiktok sensation turned recording artist Mona Gonzales drops ‘Always Remember’

November 29, 2022 - 7:47 PM
Mona Gonzales sings her debut single "Always Remember" on Tuesday, November 29 (Interaksyon/James Patrick Cruz)

Singer Mona Gonzales has officially released her debut single, “Always Remember.”

The TikTok sensation turned recording artist said that her song, which she also wrote, is inspired by the hardships she experienced before debuting.

“My inspiration for the song ‘Always Remember’ is the hardship that I’ve been through,” the artist said during a press conference held in Quezon City on Tuesday, November 29.

“When I wrote the song, I was in front of the big mirror in a studio, and I was down, and when I look at myself [and said], ‘Mona, you’ve come this far. You’re training now, imagine. So be grateful and always remember all the hardships and use it as a positive energy and share it with everyone,'” Mona continued. 

The Butuan musical sensation used to work as a content creator for the entertainment agency ShowBT Philippines Corp. which also manages Ppop groups SB19 and KAIA

While doing her desk job, Mona spends her free time covering songs, especially, J-Pop and anime soundtracks. 

The company noticed Mona’s potential as an artist and was given the opportunity to undergo training in 2021. 

Mona is the first female soloist artist who debuted under the ShowBT Philippines Corp.