‘Itinadhana’: ‘Dirty Linen’ stars Janine de Leon, Jennica Garcia react to moms’ ’80s film

February 2, 2023 - 6:41 PM
Composite photo of Jennica Garcia from her Instagram on Dec. 31, 2022 and Janine Gutierrez for her story conference of "Dirty Linen" on her Instagram on May 18, 2022 (jennicagarciaph/Instagram; janinegutierrez/Instagram)

Dirty Linen” star Janine Gutierrez quipped that she and co-star Jennica Garcia are “destined” to appear on a project together after a clip of their mothers’ old movie surfaced online.

Twitter user @enca2005 on Wednesday uploaded a clip from the 1989 Regal Films’ “Here Comes the Bride” which featured Lotlot de Leon and Jean Garcia among the cast members.

One of the scenes showed Lotlot’s character, Melissa, confronting Jean’s character, Anna, about a boy named Biboy.

“POV [Point of view]: Lala @planetjennica getting mad at Alexa @janinegutierrez for leaving her in the hospital nung bata pa sila haha,” Twitter user @enca2005 wrote as a caption.

It was also accompanied by emojis of a monkey covering its eyes and a face covering its mouth.

The hashtag in the post was referring to “Dirty Linen’s” eighth episode titled “Damage Control.”

In the Kapamilya series, Janine plays the leading role of Alexa Salvacion, while Jennica plays Lala Milliado.

Both of their characters are seeking revenge on the powerful and corrupt Fiero family who killed their parents.

Their backstory includes a young Alexa who decides to let social workers take care of Lala when the latter falls ill with mounting hospital expenses.

When they reunite as adults to scheme against the Fieros under Joel Torre‘s Abe, Lala appears to have unaddressed anger toward Alexa.

Meanwhile, the Twitter clip featuring Lotlot and Jean caught Janine’s attention, who wrote: “HOMAYGASH @planetjennica ‘DI KO KINAKAYA.”

“OMG. (rolling-on-the-floor laughing emoji) Girl, you have to see this (eyes emoji),” Jennica also tweeted.

“HAHAHAHAHA itinadhana tayo, Lala,” Janine responded with emojis of a fire and red heart.

Twitter users who saw the exchange petitioned for them to “recreate” the scene of their moms in “Here Comes the Bride.”

“Time to reenactment, mga anak,” a Pinoy tweeted.

“Binabalik-balikan ko ‘to sa [YouTube], [my] fave young star of [the] ’80s na si Miss Lotlot. May pinagmanahan talaga kayong dalawa, Miss Janine and Miss Jennica,” another online user tweeted.

The ’80s drama-romance film had the tagline in one of its posters: “Now it can be seen — the wedding that many failed to stop! A document of triumph of love.”

The film’s premise centers on an approaching marriage of a young woman which brings back memories of how her parents had fought for love.

It also stars Aga Muhlach, Ramon Christopher, Susan Roces, Eddie Gutierrez and Pilar Pilapil.