Barbie Almalbis’ ‘Kumpas’ features Filipino musical instrument kudlong

February 23, 2023 - 4:19 PM

OPM icon Barbie Almalbis played a traditional Filipino musical instrument called kudlong in her song titled “Kumpas.”

The euphonic sound of kudlong compliments Barbie’s angelic voice while singing “Kumpas,” which is part of her latest album “Tower Sessions Live.”

Among her songs in the album, Barbie said “Kumpas” resonated the most since it was based on the bible verse Matthew 6:33. 

“It’s a verse that is very personal to us, especially the tough last couple of years that we went through, uncertain times ‘di ba that you’re just holding to faith and God,” the singer said during a press conference in Taguig City on Wednesday. 

The “Tabing Ilog” hitmaker also revealed that she wrote the song with her husband. 

“It also features this unique instrument that I have that is enjoyable to play…It’s called kudlong.

What is kudlong? 

Kudlong is a two-stringed lute that is boat-shaped with wooden tightening rods and frets made of beeswax. 

One string plays a drone and the other string plays a melody. Its body represents a mythical animal with two heads of either the naga (or serpent) or crocodile or the sarimanok.

This instrument is common among southern Mindanao groups namely, Tiboli, Bilaan, Manobo, Ata, Bagobo, Mansaka, and Mandaya. 

Barbie is set to reunite with her former bands, Hungry Young Poets and Barbie’s Cradle in a concert for her 25th year in the music industry.

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Late last year, Barbie along with her fellow female OPM icons such as Acel Bisa, Hannah Romawac, Lougee Basabas, Aia de Leon, and Kitchie Nadal held two music events. 

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