‘You’re such a queen’: Pia Wurtzbach lauded for calm demeanor while stuck in elevator

July 4, 2024 - 12:08 PM
Pia Wurtzbach
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach in Paris Haute Couture Week 2024 (piawurtzbach/Instagram)

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach earned praise for her calm demeanor when she and her team got stuck in an elevator when she attended the Paris Fashion Week last month.

The beauty queen on Monday posted an Instagram video of herself, her sister Sarah Wurtzbach and photographer Magic Liwanag inside an elevator before her first show appearance at the event.

In the clip, it can be seen that the situation was normal at first, but they later noticed that the elevator was not moving to their desired floor.

Pia and her team then pressed the elevator buttons, but none of them was working.

They began to contact people to let the hotel security know that they were stuck in the elevator.

Despite this, Pia told her team to “laugh about it.”

“All you can do is smile. All you can do is laugh about it, right?” she said.

Pia also pretended to panic by exclaiming, “Ayoko na!” with matching body movements.

The incident happened during Magic’s birthday, so they also sang while waiting to be rescued.

According to Sarah, they got out of the lift after 10 to 15 minutes.

“Thought we only saw this in movies,” Pia said in her caption with a laughing emoji.

“Here’s another adventure with @sarahwurtzbach and @magicliwanag… on his birthday! What would you do if you got stuck in an elevator?” she added.


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Some Instagram users gamely answered Pia’s question, with others admitting that they could not be as calm as her.

“Been stuck at 36th floor (laughing emoji). Done that, magbibiro ka na lang at laking tulong ‘yung madami kayo [para] madaming entry (laughing emoji). Pang tanggal nginig kalamnam, kasi walang signal, ‘di ka pwede magpaalam sa mahal mo sa buhay,” a Pinoy wrote.

“I’m claustrophobic so I would panic, but if I will be stuck [with you] and Sarah, plus the vibes and @sarahwurtzbach, [I] would say it’s my lucky day,” another Instagram user said.

“Oh (screaming emoji). But you guys handled it well. Bravo,” another user commented with a clapping emoji.

“That’s so scary (face covered emoji). But you did it with fashion moment,” wrote a different user.

“The fact that you are still calm is sending me. I’d freak out for sure, if it’s me! You are such a queen for that!” exclaimed another user.

“Ang cool niyo pa rin, ‘di kayo nag-panic,” wrote a different user.

In the comments section, Pia admitted that it helped that they were “with each other” during the ordeal.

“Did [you] feel a bit claustrophobic after a while???? I got stuck in an elevator [at] work [and] they have to call fire department to open it. Took me a long time to finally take the elevator again, but half of the time I take the stairs now [’cause] of PTSD,” an Instagram user said.

“It helped that we were all with each other,” Pia answered.

“Otherwise, I’m sure we would’ve panicked more,” she added with a laughing emoji.

The beauty queen attended her first Paris Haute Couture Week, a biannual fashion event in France that features high-fashion designs from luxurious brands.

Last year, the former Miss Universe joined Fashion Week events in Paris and Milan, Italy for the first time.

Her husband, travel entrepreneur Jeremy Jauncey, said it has always been Pia’s dream to break into the European fashion scene.