Pia Wurtzbach on her new PLDT Home TVC: ‘This is my story’

April 21, 2016 - 4:17 PM
Pia Wurtzbach.

Miss Universe 2015 and Filipino pride Pia Wurtzbach is being featured in the latest TV commercial of PLDT Home, representing the digital services leader’s flagship DSL brand.

This is one relationship that Pia is quite proud of. Pia has been an ambassador of PLDT HOME since she became a Binibining Pilipinas titleholder in 2015. She remembers how much fun she had, going around the country promoting PLDT Home DSL even in the remote areas of Mindanao. She says of the brand new partnership, “I am really very happy that PLDT Home decided to continue with our relationship. I believe in what they stand for.”

In the recently released TVC featuring the Filipina stunner, Pia is seen backstage as pretty little girls, all aspiring beauty queens, go through the rigors of beauty pageants with their number one fan and supporters — their mothers.

Pia was teary-eyed during the pre-production for this commercial revealing that the story “felt really close to home.” She said, “This is my story. I feel that this was specifically written for me. I should have brought my mom with me today. I left her in the hotel. I want her to see this, too,” she told those around her during that meeting.

According to PLDT VP and home marketing director Gary Dujali, the heartwarming video is in honor of mothers and the beautiful connections they help create for their children.

“The perfect combination of a mother’s unwavering support and the power of technology which allowed her to connect with the world, helped pave the way for Pia to achieve her goal,” he said. “With this new TVC, we hope to inspire and empower people in their own journeys towards their dreams. It is certainly an honor to have no less than the reigning Miss Universe help us spread the message that the strongest and most beautiful connections begin at home.”

Pia was endearing during the shoot. She made no effort to hide how she felt that the experience unraveling before her felt exactly the same as when she was still competing for the crown.

“Her down-to-earth attitude makes her all the more loveable. She was genuinely enthralled by the little girls who acted with her in the commercial. She was playing with them and having fun until the end of the shoot. We didn’t even notice that she was already feeling under the weather. She even bought taho at one point! What a real trooper she truly is!” Dujali pointed out.

Watch Pia’s PLDT Home commercial here: