TV5 brings back ‘Wattpad Presents’ with all-new romantic ‘kilig’ telemovies

April 29, 2017 - 1:31 PM
'Destined' cast members Ben Isaac, Kate Alejandrino, Sarah Carlos and director JP Habac. (Photo from the Wattpad Presents Facebook page)

“Wattpad Presents” was an instant hit when it premiered on TV5 in 2014.

Based on romantic stories posted on the popular Wattpad online writing community, the drama anthology followed a format where a given story runs like a mini-series during weeknights, beginning on Monday and ending on Friday. And then it started again with a new story with a different cast the following week.

A testament to the show’s steady following and enduring appeal, especially among its targeted teenage viewership, was that between 2014 to 2016, around 70 “Wattpad Presents” episodes divided into five half-hour segments were produced by TV5.

The series was able to carve its own niche while competing against the popular teleseryes presented by rival networks.

“Wattpad Presents” now returns to primetime television in an all-new weekend timeslot as part of TV5’s “Saturday Night Kilig Sesh.” The new show comes as a one-off telemovie that will parade an all-new set of exciting stories.

According to TV5 president “Coach” Chot Reyes, the new stories produced for the network by reputable production houses like Unitel and Firestarter should appeal “to everyone, especially the millennials that will surely relate to them.”

Kicking off the returning season of “Wattpad Presents” is “Destined.” Based on the Wattpad Story written by Blue Maiden, “Destined” has been read by over 22.4 million readers to date and was the winner of the 2015 Wattys award, the recognition given to exemplary Wattpad stories.

The story involves a love triangle that will also leave viewers pondering, “Who do you love? The one you love or the one who loves you?”

“Destined” stars former theater actress Sarah Carlos as Kayla, rising matinee idol Ben Isaac as Kean, breakout indie actress Kate Alejandrino (“Baka Bukas,” “Moonlight Over Baler”) as Krystal and another promising newcomer, Raphael Robes as Dwayne.

JP Habac, director of the recent sleeper hit “I’m Drunk I Love You,” told InterAksyon that helming his first “Wattpad Presents” telemovie was both “fun and challenging.”

“This is my first time to work with the whole cast. And I think some of them, ngayon lang nabigyan ng chance to do a lead role, like Sarah and Ben. So they really gave their best even though it was a tiring shoot. Same with Rap and Kate,” Habac shared.

From a personal standpoint, Habac was intrigued by “Destined” not just because he himself experienced something similar but also because it has a coming-of-age aspect to it.

“Yang ‘Destined’ kasi kwento siya ng mga sala-salabat na relationships, na aaminin ko, na-experience ko na rin before. Nakakatuwa gawin itong episode na to kasi youthful ang conflict ng story. Pero at the same time, kailangan ng mature decisions pa rin.”

After “Destined,” three more “Wattpad Presents” stories are scheduled in the coming weeks.

They are Beeyotch’s “Just the Benefits” written by Beeyotch, which is about a power couple who still find themselves still drawn to each other after breaking up. There’s also Stupidlyinlove’s “Unlucky I’m in Love with My Bestfriend” written by Stupidlyinlove about a woman who fell in love with her best friend.

And then there’s “Special Section,” a story about a very controversial high school where a strange series of events with a romantic twist occurs.

TV5’s “Wattpad Presents” premieres on April 29 at 9PM and airs every Saturday thereafter.