Raymond Gutierrez says healthy lifestyle now an advocacy

June 28, 2017 - 9:27 AM
Raymond Gutierrez. (Photos from his Instagram)

Last March, Raymond Gutierrez made headlines with a stunning physical transformation which he admitted was the result of losing 65 lbs in a matter of 90 days. Prior to that, the sought-after TV host and twin brother of actor Richard Gutierrez had admitted hating himself late last year for, in his own words, “being fat and out of shape.”

Since making the big change, Raymond has been able to maintain the lean and mean physique that has lately drawn comparisons to Richard’s similar hunky frame.

“I think the people who make those comments are just not used to me looking this way. I don’t mind being compared to ‘Chard. He’s a very good-looking guy and he is, after all, my twin,” Raymond told News5 during the recent “workout party” that officially launched G Active, the no sugar, lightly flavored electrolyte water drink from Gatorade.

Admitting that he was able to achieve his current look due to his conscious commitment to working out and dieting, Raymond added that because he has been coming to the gym a lot, he also gets to bond with Richard more often these days.

“Before I started working out, Richard and I would only get together to wine and dine, now we often bump into each other while working out,” he shared.

“This whole process really changed my life and aside from enjoying the physical benefits, what really makes me happy is seeing how my journey has inspired other people.”

Before and after: Raymond Gutierrez hosting ‘Showbiz Police’ in 2013 and (right) posing with gym mate Isabelle Daza for G Active. (File photo by John Bradley/InterAksyon)

Being called a “fitspiration” has been particularly overwhelming for Raymond. To demonstrate his passion for fitness, Raymond, bosom buddy Isabelle Daza and other celebrities like Yassi Pressman and “The Amazing Race Asia” winners Maggie Wilson and Parul Shah engaged in such activities like indoor cycling, high density training and for the first tume, power yoga and dance cardio during the G Active event.

Given the favorable feedback he has been getting, Raymond feels good about taking this direction at this point of his life.

“I would get messages on my Instagram page from Filipinos around the world. They would tell me that I was the one who inspired them to embark on their own fitness journey. When I read those messages, I become more motivated to work even harder.”

Actress Isabelle Daza, a frequent morning workout pal of Raymond’s, is very proud of what her friend has achieved.

“I’m still shocked at how good he looks but I’ve seen how hard he works out every single day. I’m very happy for him,” she attested.

Even as Raymond and the rest of the Gutierrez family are all set to face the cameras again in the coming fifth season of E! Entertainment’s hit reality show, “It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez,” he continues to set new goals for himself and has been focusing on toning his body as of late.

Raymond’s decision to shift to a healthier lifestyle has also turned into an advocacy as he is now urging everyone to start working out. Now as one of the brand ambassadors for G Active, the entertainer says he is “grateful for the opportunity to motivate and hopefully, educate, more people” on the importance of physical fitness.

“You only have one body, time to take care of it,” he recently posted on his Instagram page.