WATCH | Beauty queen Gwendoline Ruais sues wives, girlfriends of TnT players

October 3, 2017 - 3:09 PM
Gwendolyn Ruais solo and with her boyfriend, San Miguel Beermen forward David Semerad. (Photos from her Instagram page)

“Just because time passes do not mean things are okay.”

That’s 2011 Miss World Philippines Gwendoline Ruais explaining why it took her a while to take legal action against several women identified as wives and girlfriends of PBA players with whom she had a shouting match last June 30 during the Commissioner’s Cup Final series between San Miguel Beer and Talk N’ Text.

As reported by at least two media outlets back then, Gwen, the girlfriend of San Miguel player David Semerad, had a verbal altercation with several women, one of which was Mich Rosario, wife of TNT player Troy Rosario who later tweeted that she was just trying to pacify those involved when Ruais allegedly called her “yaya.”

In a recent interview with InterAksyon, Gwen and her lawyer, Atty. Molly Sering, said cases of unjust vexation and oral defamaton have been filed against the partners of TnT players last month. While neither of the ladies will identify the respondents, a source familiar with the incident later identified them as Ma. Lourdes “Malou” Bien, her daughter Andrea Bien (the girlfriend of David’s twin brother Anthony Semerad), Hillarie Brown (girlfriend of Kris Rosales, November Tan Carey, (wife of Harvey Carey), and Rosario.

Gwen added that prior to the filing of the case, the said women complained with Philippine Basketball Association Commissioner Chito Narvasa, who in turn reportedly ordered an investigation of the incident.

“The big boss of TnT has also stepped in to mediate and wanted to schedule a sitdown between all the women involved but it never took place,” she added.

“When something like this happens, there should be consequences to one’s actions. I’m shocked about everything that happened. And for the record, I did not start this. I had nothing to do with this.”

And no, contrary to reports, Gwen said she did not refer to Mich Rosario as “yaya.”

“I don’t really know Mich before this incident. I don’t even know what she looks like,” Gwen insisted.

Other than saying she did not instigate the incident, Gwen said she cannot discuss the details of her complaints since they have already been filed. Asked why it took her this long to take legal action, the 27-year old beauty queen said she simply wanted “to do the right thing in the right way.”

“Since I did not speak up and comment at the time, people would assume that what came out was the truth, I had to wait until all legal matters were taken care of before saying anything.”

One woman who was also reportedly involved in the incident but is no longer included in Gwen’s complaints is Aida Tautuua, wife of another TnT player, Mo Tautuua.

“Aida has sincerely apologized and we are now in touch with each other. I told her that if she can reach out to the other ladies most of whom, like Mich, I don’t know personally, I’m willing to forgive and withdraw the cases against them except for the one who started this and her mother,” Gwen added.

Gwen declined to further elaborate but it was obvious that she was referring to Andrea Bien and her mother, Malou. The same source later revealed that even prior to the shouting match, the longtime partners of the Semerad Twins have not been in good terms for years.

Despite the animosity involving their respective girlfriends, Anthony and David have remained close and have both opted to stay out of their partners’ issues, although Gwen said David has been supportive of her legal actions.

“David is fully supportive. He knows I didn’t do anything wrong and understands that I’m just doing the right thing,” she added.

Gwen said another big reason why she finally decided to file a case is to hopefully ensure that a similar incident would not happen again.

“The series was not over when it happened. So the following game, the PBA had to assign securities for us to ensure our safety,” she recalled.

“If I don’t do something now, what’s to prevent this from happening again, especially since I still watch the games all the time. As it is, my parents are worried for my safety and they don’t want me to watch the games live.”

But while Gwen and the other wives and girlfriends of PBA players can still watch the games in the playing venues, the PBA has decided to ban them from waiting for their respective partners at the dugout hallway.

While Gwen understands and appreciates the efforts of the PBA to avoid similar confrontations, she hopes that such a ban will be lifted soon as other wives of players not involved in the incident are affected and are already complaining.

“But yes, it would be nice if the PBA makes sure this doesn’t happen again, that people can watch PBA games with their families and friends and not be afraid for their safety,” she concluded.

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