‘AWAY BAKLA LANG’ | Atty. Bruce Rivera downplays feud with fellow pro-Duterte bloggers

October 9, 2017 - 2:27 PM
Sass Sasot, Bruce Rivera, and RJ Nieto.

In a video rant that has gone viral, lawyer Bruce Rivera slammed fellow pro-Duterte supporter Sass Sasot for fomenting a “turf war” among the Diehard Duterte Supporters or DDS. He also chided Thinking Pinoy blogger RJ Nieto over the bloggers’ accreditation for the coverage of the recent ASEAN summit in Manila, and decried the DDS forces’ creation of fake news such as the spurious pregnancy of Vice President Leni Robredo.

In a subsequent post on his Facebook post, Rivera announced that he will deactivate his Facebook account on October 15. “Back to the private life. TP and Sass can be the DDS Blogger. I am out. Thanks.”

Then Rivera again posted to clarify that his ongoing feud with Sasot and Nieto is, in his own words, “away bakla” (gay quarrel) and does not mean that Duterte supporters are in disarray. Their differences do not include another pro-Duterte blogger, Presidential Communications Operations Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson.

Before he became a lawyer, Rivera was a perennial gay beauty pageant contestant in his younger days who joined the “Super Sireyna” contest on “Eat Bulaga.” He is best known for being a counsel of alleged “Pork Barrel Queen” Janet Napoles.

Sassot is a transgender Filipina based in The Netherlands where she is a masteral student at Leiden University.

“Lahat kami DDS. Walang fake…Hindi po kasama si Mocha sa issue at yung hidwaan namin ay away bakla lang. Beastmode ang lahat pero hindi ibig sabihin ay malulusaw na ang samahan sa away namin. Hindi naman shabu ang DDS na lusaw sa konting init. So hwag kayong umakting na parang biktima porket di kami bati. Walang namatay. Andito pa din kami,” Rivera posted.

(We are all DDS supporters. No one is fake…Mocha is not included in our issues. This is just a gay quarrel. Everyone is in beast mode but it does not mean that the DDS group will disintegrate just because we are not on the same page. The DDS is not like shabu (meth) that will melt with just a little heat. So don’t act like victims just because we’re not okay with each other. No one died. We are still here.)

Rivera also clarified in another post that just because he is feuding with fellow Duterte supporters does not mean he has aligned himself with the “yellows.”

“Mga DILAWAN, Hindi ibig sabihin ay friends na tayo. Tang Juice…mas inis pa din ako sa inyo!!! Tang talaga!!!” (Hey Yellows, this doesn’t mean we’re friends now…I still don’t like you guys.)

As of posting time, Sasot and Nieto had not posted any response to Rivera’s tirade on their respective Facebook pages. Meanwhile, Uson weighed in on the issue on her Facebook page and said that she was not privy to the details of the feud.

“Meron lang akong pakiusap sa lahat ng DDS- WAG NA TAYONG MAKISAWSAW SA USAPAN NILA ATTY BRUCE at SASS, Personal na nila yan. Basta tayo po ay DDS. We will defend the President for the sake of our country,” she posted.

(I have one request to all the DDS. The issues between Atty. Bruce and Sass is personal. Let us not join the fray. The important thing is we are all DDS.)