Mariel de Leon on working with Coco Martin and living a healthy lifestyle

December 28, 2017 - 9:29 PM
Mariel de Leon. (Photo by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

Binibining Pilipinas International and showbiz scion Marie de Leon makes her big screen debut as Coco Martin’s leading lady in the latest reworking of “Ang Panday,” which is presumably one of the top-grossing films in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

The daughter of veteran actors Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong expressed her amazement and gratitude over being offered the project in a media interview during a recent Dairy Queen press event.

“I was surprised. Out of how many actresses, ako pa yung napili. To think that I don’t have experience sa TV and movies,” she said.

She also admitted feeling uneasy about working with Coco, initially.

“Of course it’s intimidating kasi siya din yung director,” Mariel said. Coco Martin produced, directed and played the title role in the film.

She also doesn’t mind if some people find it surprising that she bagged the role as Coco’s leading lady.

“I understand kasi I have no experience naman in being out there in show business,” said Mariel.

The opera-singer-turned-beauty-queen-turned-actress nonetheless did her homework.

“I studied acting and my lines on my own and asked my parents for advice,” she said.

As 2017 draws to a close, New Year’s resolutions begin piling up. After the festivities that entail the consumption of large platters of food, one of the most common resolutions that surface this season is to lose weight and live healthy.

How do seemingly perfect beauty queens manage to look and feel good, given the pressure of being beauty titlist and the lure of sumptuous food?

Mariel de Leon (second from left) with fellow Binibining Pilipinas beauties Elizabeth Clenci, Rachel Peters, Chanel Thomas, and Nelda Ibe. (Photo by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

In an interview with InterAksyon, Mariel and fellow Binibining Pilipinas beauties Chanel Olive Thomas, Elizabeth Clenci, Rachel Peters, and Nelda Ibe shared their views on body love and living healthy.

“I think it’s about being happy with yourself, but also about making healthy choices not just to lose weight or anything, but to be more healthy and active,” said Mariel.

Miss Supranational 2017 Top 10 finalist Chanel Olive Thomas feels very strongly about the topic.

“I’m passionate about this, actually. I really think that body image, security, and self-confidence don’t necessarily have to be physical. It all comes from inside.”

“You should be strong in your foundation of your own self-worth. And if you’re happy with who you are inside as a person, the beauty will automatically show and resonate outside. It’s all about self-worth,” she said.

Miss Grand International 2017 second runner-up winner Elizabeth Clenci on the other hand believes in embracing one’s imperfections.

“I think it’s more about nourishing your body, rather than focusing on your image and your weight is more important. I feel like there’s so much pressure to look a certain way. I mean, all of us have different body types.

“So I think embracing your own differences and realizing that you’re not all gonna look like what you see in magazines. A) they’re airbrushed on Photoshop and B) we all look different anyway so let’s just embrace it and celebrate your difference rather than worry about looking like someone else,” Liz advised.

Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters agrees, saying, “Everyone is born differently. All shapes, sizes and colors. Everybody is beautiful in their own way. My advocacy is embracing one’s individuality, so I’m all about promoting self-love. As Liz was saying, just because you don’t look like a certain person, it doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.”

Muss Globe 2017 1st runner-up winner Nelda Ibe believes in flaunting one’s individuality.

“We all have our own uniqueness. Like they said, we’re all different. So just love yourself and be yourself,” she said.

Mariel says she allows herself to enjoy food and even sweets, but makes sure she doesn’t have too much than what is necessary.

“I think it’s all about moderation. It’s not like we eat sweets every day. And at home, eat whatever healthy food that’s available. Make a conscious effort,” said Mariel.