Melody del Mundo returns for launch of Sugar Hiccup’s fourth album

December 30, 2017 - 7:40 AM
Melody del Mundo. (Photo by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

Melody del Mundo, original vocalist of iconic ‘90s dream pop act Sugar Hiccup, is back in the country for the launch of “Closure,” the band’s fourth and possibly final album.

The band borrowed its name from a Cockteau Twins song, and like the Scottish band, Sugar Hiccup relies on high-pitched, angelic vocals delivering almost indecipherable lyrics slithering through dreamy guitar patterns.

This is what made “Five Years,” the band’s landmark single such a hit with the alternative community and, later, the masses as well. The song had no decipherable lyrics, but Melody’s melodious wailing was fueled with by so much intensity, power and emotion.

“Closure” comes more than 20 years after “Oracle,” Sugar Hiccup’s debut release; and close to two decades after “Womb,” the band’s sophomore album and last to be recorded with Melody, was released in 1998. Melody left the band and immigrated to the United States to start a family in 2001.

Sugar Hiccup had a couple of reincarnations. One was with Bea Alcala who recorded “Of Tongues and Thoughts” with the band. Bea didn’t stay with the band too long and guitarist and songwriter Czandro Pollack left after a rift with the band’s former manager and bassist.

Melody del Mundo with (from left) Sugar Hiccup’s founding guitarist Czandro Pollack, founding drummer Mervin Panganiban, and new bassist Iman Leonardo. (Photo by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

There were a couple of reunion gigs in 2015, with founding members Melody, Czandro and drummer Mervin Panganiban. It’s been a while since we last heard from these guys collectively as Sugar Hiccup. Mervin now plays for Imago, while Czandro has since joined Iman Leonardo (who also happens to be Sugar Hiccup’s new bassist) in Prank Sinatra. Melody, as we know, is now based in California with her family and four children.

Recording for the new album started in 2015. The album has 10 tracks that capture the essence of Sugar Hiccup’s music, including songs penned in the ‘90s as well as recently written ones. All songs were written by Czandro and Melody.

The launch of “Closure,” Sugar Hiccup’s fourth studio album, happens Saturday, December 30, at 12 Monkeys El Pueblo in Pasig. Prank Sinatra, and Veronica and I will perform and welcome Sugar Hiccup to yet another rare and much-awaited reunion performance. Show starts at 10pm.

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