KC and Troy Montero admit to having a good time with ‘Worst Vacation Ever’

January 30, 2018 - 12:13 PM
Celebrity brothers Troy and KC Montero in Discovery Channel's "Worst Vacation Ever."

Brothers KC and Troy Montero have been in the entertainment industry for quite a while.

Surprisingly, they never actually worked together in a single project. KC admits that while they have both appeared as guests on the same TV show, they never really shared any screen time on their own.

Until now.

Starting this week, the brothers will headline “Worst Vacation Ever,” a new reality travel series from The Discovery Channel. As the title suggests, the show follows the brothers as they “boldly relive the worst, and most unbelievable holiday anecdotes to ever grace the internet.”

The idea is for KC and Troy to show that notwithstanding their unpleasant and wacky experiences, anyone can have a great time on the “Worst Vacation Ever.”

“When we came up with the concept for the show along with several other shows we are pitching, Discovery liked this one the most. We just gave them a couple of sentences for this and they said, ‘yeah, develop that.’ When we got the greenlight for it, it felt both scary and cool at the same time. Of all the shows we proposed, this is the most dangerous and one that we imagined will take a lot of hard work,” KC recalled in a recent interview with InterAksyon.

KC revealed that he and Troy also proposed another show called “Best Vacation Ever” which will see them in five-star hotels. “That would have been really easy and fun for us but ‘Worst Vacation Ever’ was the one that Discovery liked so we ended up doing this instead,” KC added.

Troy was not exactly surprised that “Worst Vacation Ever” was approved by Discovery. “It had more drama, more entertainment and definitely more intriguing.”

Throughout the show’s five-episode run that began this Monday, January 29 and will conclude on February 26, “Worst Vacation Ever” will see KC and Troy in Makati and Siquijor in the Philippines and overseas in Cambodia and Thailand as they eat grilled rats, perform in drag and become mermaids, Troy engaging in street boxing versus a trio of midget fighters and KC challenging Thai reality star Oz a.k.a. the Bangkok Hooker to a Muay Thai match.

Between the two brothers, it was certainly intriguing to see Troy, the older and more serious of the Montero boys loosen up and literally let his hair down.

“I’m more known as the serious guy, the ballroom dancer while KC is always known to be the funny one, the standup comedian, the rapper. He’s the fun guy. He’s really like that when we were kids and even until today. But when we’re together, we can be pretty entertaining,” Troy quipped.

Not that everything is all fun and games, Troy said there was indeed a lot of hard work involved in putting “Worst Vacation Ever” together.

“It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. We needed to make our experiences as authentic and as realistic as possible. Nothing is fake. When you see us drinking in a bar, we are really drinking in a bar,” Troy further noted.

KC added that they were also able to encounter many unforgettable characters.

“There was our tour guide in Siquijor. Nowadays, the guides are trying to do away with all the witchcraft the place is known for. I guess they’re trying to clean image but at one point, our guide forgot that he’s not supposed to talk about it and he did,” KC remembered.

“The other was our Tuk Tuk driver in Cambodia. He wouldn’t leave us alone and when I promised him a spot on the show while we we’re drinking, he showed up the next morning. I think he did end up appearing in the show but I paid him anyway just for showing up.”

Troy said while he and KC are hoping that “Worst Vacation Ever” will return for a second season, doing the show was a very rewarding experience for them as brothers.

“There are a lot of gems in the show. We’ve seen incredible places, engaged in foolish and crazy activities and ran into really, really interesting people, many of who we asked to be part of our story. We cannot give away a lot of details but we’re quite pleased with what we accomplished and hopefully, our audiences will enjoy watching them, too,” Troy concluded.

In addition to its regular 8PM time slot every Mondays, replays of “Worst Vacation Ever” air on Discovery Channel throughout the week. For schedule, visit https://www.discoverychannelasia.com/.