April ‘Congrats’ Gustilo reprises saucy theater role in ‘Solo Para Adultos’

February 7, 2018 - 8:22 AM
April Gustilo as a porn queen in 'Solo Para Adultos.'

While she is probably best known as the girl who exclaims “Congratulations!” in Willie Revillame’s shows like “Wowowie,” “Willing Willie,” “Wil Time Bigtime,” “Wowowillie” and “Wowowin,” not too many may be aware that April Gustilo has been having a steady acting career on TV for quite a while.

Since 2011, the 26-year-old Bacolod native has been cast in shows like “Babaeng Hampaslupa,” “Mac & Chiz” and “#ParangNormalActivity” for TV5 and “Magpakailanman,” ‘A1 Ko sa Yo” and D’Originals” for GMA Network.

Recalling how she got started in the business, April told InterAksyon that growing up in Bacolod, she didn’t go out that much. “It was just school and home for me,” she shared.

Still, that did not stop April from falling in love, which unfortunately did not go as well as she would have wanted. Describing herself as a “martyr” when it comes to love, April was eventually sent by her mother to Manila to get away from her ex-boyfriend. One thing led to another and she ultimately found herself as one of Willie’s dancers known as the W.Girls. That stint led to a steady acting career on television.

Last year, April expanded her acting horizons and made her theater debut in the sex comedy play “Solo Para Adultos (For Adults Only).”

In the play, April portrayed a woman who went astray after she was raped by her stepfather when she was young. Her fortunes changed when she met an American who took her to the US. There, she became a popular porn star named Veronica Fox.

“Doing theater is a lot different from the work I’ve done on TV. It’s very challenging and I have a lot of dialogue to memorize and deliver because as you well know, there’s no room for mistakes on stage. Even the language here is really for adults but I love challenges so when this was offered to me, I accepted it,” she said in mostly Filipino.

And yes, April has not just one but two kissing scenes in the play. One is with Vivo Ouano who plays her former lover and another with with fellow actress Tori Garcia, who wants to be the new Porn Queen.

“I’ve done kissing scenes in the past on TV. But I have to admit, doing it live onstage is different. We don’t know what will happen and there’s also the ‘kahiyaan” factor with my co-stars,” she admits.

With “Solo Para Adultos,” April is very much aware that its success may lead to more offers to play more daring characters, something she says that does not mind doing.

“Since I’m already in the right age, I’m okay and willing to do more sexy roles. At this stage of my career, it’s not a problem for me because I’m willing to try many things,” she said.

Even though she’s currently very happy to be in a relationship with her non-showbiz boyfriend, a Chinese businessman, and sees herself being married and starting a family in two to three years, April added that she intends to continue her entertainment career even after she does decide to settle down.

“Solo Para Adultos (For Adults Only)” will have a repeat performance this February 10 at the Music Museum. For ticket information, visit www.ticketworld.com.ph.