Olymp Trade, an easy-to-use, lower risk platform for newbie traders

March 14, 2019 - 11:52 AM
The Olymp Trade Platform places everything you need to become the successful trader you have dreamed of being.

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What makes Olymp Trade the best platform for beginners? It is more than a beautifully designed intuitive platform. Olymp Trade allows a budding trader to first learn, understand and practice until he or she is comfortable putting hard-earned money at risk. Its focus is to make trading accessible to all by making the process as easy to learn as possible.

Trading strategies, indicators and analytical tools are essential to a trader, but understanding how to use them seems more complicated than it is. That is why Olymp Trade created its free educational materials and built-in automated assistant with new traders in mind. Concepts, strategies and tools are explained in simple language to ensure even the most novice traders can learn everything necessary to be successful.

The automated assistant helps answer traders’ questions as they arise both on the platform and in the education section.

The library of webinars, moreover, provides a range of references and demonstrations. How-to-use indicators, trading tactics and money management strategies are among the most popular in the ever-expanding series. Olymp Trade’s cache of webinars is on top of the massive amount of content on its YouTube channel with 600+ videos in eight languages.

Once registered each trader gets a free demo account to practice with risk-free trades as he or she learns. This account trades exactly like the live accounts on the platform with live quotes for all currency pairs, indices and commodities. However, instead of using real money the account trades Olymp Trade Demo Dollars. Each starting trader has 10,000 Demo Dollars, which can be replenished an unlimited number of times. Practice in live markets like this is invaluable.

Customer support is available round-the-clock in eight languages. If you have a question you can always find the answer you need through the automated assistant or a help center.

How to register and deposit

Registering is quick and easy. To sign up and begin trading with Olymp Trade, you must provide your name, phone number and email address. Once the required information is entered you can start practicing with your demo trading account.

Olymp Trade registration
Registering on Olymp Trade

There are approximately 20 ways to deposit money into your account, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Deposits are made quickly whichever way is most convenient for the trader. There is minimum deposit and withdrawal amount of $10 or the equivalent in your currency.

To become a trader with a VIP account you must meet your country’s required deposit amount (usually around $2000). These traders are given higher payout rates, forex trade multipliers, as well as the ability to make risk-free trades.

Success at your fingertips 

Trading is risky, but those risks can diminish sharply the more prepared you are. Olymp Trade provides you with the tools you need to grow from a nervous novice into a successful trader. Taking advantage of everything the platform has to offer will put you in the best position to turn a profit.

Olymp Trade demo dollars
You don’t have to risk your real money just yet. Learn more about the market with a demo account and demo dollars on Olymp Trade.

The entire educational suite and YouTube channel are dedicated to helping people get off the sidelines and into the game, with a live environment to become comfortable operating in markets to test your new knowledge. Practicing different strategies for trading and money management will allow you to become comfortable with your predetermined tactics before risking your own real money.

Before investing your own money, be sure to try a couple of strategies which suit your goals and trading style best. This will help you minimize your potential mistakes while trading. Sticking to your chosen plans is important to be a truly successful trader.

The Olymp Trade Platform places everything you need to become the successful trader you have dreamed of being, directly at your fingertips. With the platform’s intuitive interface and continuously updating education libraries, you have access to the answer to any question you may have. Trading is made simple for the sake of everyone.

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