Top Filipino tech vloggers earn up to P500K monthly, marketing firm data shows

March 23, 2021 - 7:26 PM
Image by Terje Sollie via Pexels

Top tech vloggers in the Philippines are earning more than half a million a month even during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the data from a marketing firm.

E-commerce aggregator iPrice released the list of top 10 tech vloggers in the country based on the number of subscribers on YouTube.

In the list, the top two vloggers Unbox Diaries and Mary Bautista earn a hefty, estimated P522,000 and P351,000 monthly, respectively.

Bautista, however, has more subscribers and views than the Unbox Diaries.

The firm stated that Social Blade, a separate social media tracker where the data came from, made the estimation based on “the cost per impression that gets multiplied with the number of views the channel gets per day.”

“Unbox Diaries does get more views per video (versus in total). You know what they say, the more views, the more ads you can get as well,” iPrice said.

The rest of the top tech vlogger who are also top earners are:

  1. Sulit Tech Reviews – P155,000
  2. Yugatech – P119,000
  3. Liz Tech – P106,000
  4. POY Reviews – P101,000
  5. Gadget Match – P65,000
  6. Unbox PH –P52,000
  7. Zeibiz – P39,000
  8. Manila Shaker PH – P17,000

Meanwhile, the top five channels with the most uploads are:

  1. YugaTech
  2. Unbox PH
  3. Manila Shaker Philippines
  4. Gadget Match
  5. Mary Bautista.

The top ten list was shortlisted via a YouTube analytics website Nox Influencer. Data about the vloggers, meanwhile, was collected from Social Blade on March 5, 2021.

Data provided by iPrice

The lists showed that individual tech vloggers earn more in the vlogging business than long-time technology websites YugaTech and its competitor Gadget Manila.

“Individual vloggers like Liz Tech and Poy Reviews are both estimated to earn above Php100k a month, which are more than the estimated amount of authoritative blogs with Youtube reviews like Unbox PH (Php52k/month) and Manila Shaker (Php17k/month),” iPrice said.

iPrice attributed the individual vloggers’ popularity to their more personal and relatable content.

“iPrice hypothesizes that consumers like watching content that is more personal and relatable. Thus, this is why individual vloggers that review in Filipino seem to have an affinity with the country’s market,” it said.

These lucrative income might get lower in the coming months, the marketing firm predicts, citing YouTube’s new tax rules.

“Any amount earned from US viewers through Youtube Premium, ad views, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel membership will now be taxable. Creators may be taxable up to 24% of their total earnings if they aren’t able to submit their tax information to AdSense before May 31, 2021,” the aggregator said.

“That said, Filipino tech vloggers may not be as affected, especially for the individuals that review in the Filipino language. However, this doesn’t discount their Filipino-American audience. With this new rule in place, we will have to wait and see how much this will affect the country’s tech vloggers,” it added.