For Earth Hour 2021, this business center puts spotlight on sustainability and environment

March 25, 2021 - 10:55 AM
Symbolic leaf art by MM Dacanay. (Araneta City/Facebook)

A commercial center in Quezon City is one with the world in celebrating the upcoming Earth Hour on March 27, a global movement that encourages people to switch off lights for an hour.

Araneta City, which is also called the “City of Firsts,” launched several activities in line with this participation that leads to the day of the Earth Hour on Saturday.

Photo from Araneta City

These events that this month reinforced the business center’s commitment to promote sustainability and the welfare of the environment include the following:

Trash to Cashback – March 15 to 27

Araneta City partnered with Basic Environmental System and Technologies (BEST), Inc. and the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department of the city for this initiative. A kiosk located at the Araneta City Bus Station is accepting recyclable waste materials “in exchange for bXTRA environmental points that can be used to purchase from select establishments.”

Three R Digital Promise – March 22

Establishments around the vicinity, its employees and tenants, pledged to reuse, reduce and recycle through the symbolic leaf art of local artist MM Dacanay.

Photos of these “pledges” were shared on the business district’s Facebook page.

Earth Hour – March 27

All the lights in Araneta City will be turned off at 8:30 pm. on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the business district will have Earth Hour Virtual Spotlight wherein they will feature a special video produced by the World Wildlife Foundation on all of its social media channels.

Araneta City and WWF encourage everyone to share the video to their friends and family to cast a light on the state of our planet, the issues we face, and our place within it all during that said hour.

Marjorie Go, Assistant Vice President for Marketing, said that she hoped the activities would empower Filipinos to do their part in saving the environment.

“Araneta City is one with the entire nation and the world as we put the spotlight on our planet. We have prepared several activities that aim to empower all of us to do our part in protecting our environment and promoting sustainability in every aspect of our lives,” Go said.

In Earth Hour’s official website, the organizers aim to show how the environmental issues impact the people through the special video presentation.

“This year, as you switch off your lights on the night of Earth Hour (27 March), we’re dropping a must-watch video and inviting you to take one simple action. Our goal? Re-create the same unmissable sight online by taking over the social media feeds of millions around the world and putting the spotlight on our planet, the issues we face, and our place within it all,” the website read.

“Let’s get the world watching. Let’s get the world talking,” they added.