‘My Dear Guardian’: A doctor-soldier love story

June 28, 2021 - 9:18 PM
Chinese celebrities Johnny Huang and Li Qin. (iQiyi/Released)

If you haven’t moved on from the hit Korean series, “Descendants of the Sun” and the narrative of the soldier-doctor couple Captain Yoo Shi-jin (Song Joong-ki) and Dr. Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo), this Chinese drama might be for you.

“My Dear Guardian” centers on Captain Liang Mu Ze, portrayed by Johnny Huang, and doctor Xia Chu, played by Li Qin.

The story begins in the town of Isaiah, where Mu Ze accidentally spills water to Xia Chu’s table while playing with his comrades.

This sparked a heated debate between the two but is soon interrupted because of an emergency call from both their military superiors. This prompted them to postpone their argument and part ways, not until they met again in the hospital as terrorists invaded the place.

Back in China, Xia Chu, working far from her hometown finally finds a place to rent after a series of transfers not knowing that the landlord will be Liang Mu Ze.

As the outstanding soldier in his class, Mu Ze is not comfortable living with someone. Given that, his world was shaken when he found out that he is going to share his home with Xia Chu.

Upon transferring to the new place, Xia Chu adopts an abandoned cat which she named Er Miao. This further fuels the clash between the two as they adjust to each other’s differences.

The conflict doesn’t end there as Xia Chu’s first love Zhuo Ran, portrayed by Nie Zi Hao appears after eight years and plans to win her back. This bothers Mu Ze as he is already slowly falling in love with Xia Chu.

This Chinese series also features other stars such as Zhao Xun as Tian Yong a soldier and Muze’s friend; Xu Hong Jie as Dr. Zhang and Xia Chu’s mentor; Xiong Rui Ling as Lan Zi Yu, Xia Chu’s mom; and Jiang Yuan as Liang Shao Xue, Mu Ze’s cousin.

This series can be streamed on the iQiyi app and iQ.com site. —James Patrick Cruz