Pride Month: WWF-Philippines holds virtual run, walk, move, ride event for LGBQTQIA+ community

June 15, 2022 - 7:14 PM
World Wildlife Fund-Philippines invited the public for its "Pride for the Planet" fundraising event (Released by WWF-Philippines)

The World Wildlife Fund-Philippines invited the public to its “Pride for the Planet” initiative being held virtually for Pride Month this June.

Pride for the Planet has already started on June 1 and will close on June 30, 2022.

WWF-Philippines partnered with Runrio Inc., a running event planner, for this fundraiser for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies.

Given its virtual nature, participants will finish the distances they registered in the comforts of their own homes.

The organization first promoted this event on May 18 via social media.

“#PrideforthePlanet is a celebration and admiration of the #LGBTQIA+ community’s perseverance to create an inclusive world for all of us. They have continuously worked on the importance of social development and environmental preservation,” the post reads.

“#Pride for the Planet is a sparkling testament to this as this virtual, self-paced walk/run/ride/move will raise awareness of our conservation efforts this June. Register to move with pride today!” it added.

To encourage more participants, WWF posted an update that winners of their photo competition can win prizes from amazing brands such as The Gay Agenda and Milkwear.

In a statement, WWF-Philippines Ambassador Pia Wurtzbach, also Miss Universe 2015, said that Pride for the Planet initiative is a “small but significant step” toward both inclusivity and environmental conservation.

“With all that’s happening not just in our country but the entire world, all-embracing solidarity is what we need right now. Pride for the Planet is a small but significant step that we can all take as we advocate for both inclusivity, and environmental conservation,” Pia said.

“Each sector has diverse experiences and perspectives that can put forward innovative designs in restoring what was lost from nature and its protection. This is why we should all work together, be all-in for the sake of the country and planet we live in,” she added.

WWF-Philippines Individual Donor Program Manager Stephy Navarrete also said that this year’s Pride Month will hopefully raise awareness that anyone can contribute to help make the world a safe and sustainable place.

“Beyond this event, we should make this month a time to realize how everyone, regardless of one’s gender, age, and race, can contribute to making a safe and sustainable world that will continue to house the next generation,” Navarrete said.

Those interested can join through this link here: 2022 — WWF-Philippines’ Pride for the Planet — Race Roster — Registration, Marketing, Fundraising

The mechanics for the event are also provided in the registration link.

The following are the categories and their prices:

  • Solo with medal – P695
  • Solo with medal and shirt – P1,095
  • Partner with two medals – P1,095
  • Partner with two medals and two shirts – P1,895