Pre-colonial gold, textiles, ceramics: New exhibitions at Ayala Museum

August 3, 2022 - 5:37 PM
Composite photo of Ayala Museum's upcoming new exhibitions, namely, indigenous textiles, pre-colonial treasures and Southeast Asian ceramic trade ware (Released/Ayala Museum)

A private museum in Makati City’s exhibitions this month featured the Philippines’ treasures, indigenous textiles and ceramics.

Called the “Crossroads of Civilization,” Ayala Museum aims to showcase the interactions that the country’s ancestors have that shaped its identity over millions of years.

It comprises three exhibitions with collections about pre-colonial gold, textiles of early Filipinos and trade ware ceramics in Southeast Asia.

“The three exhibitions jointly tell the story of the ‘Crossroads of Civilizations’: how the country’s identity, imagery, and ingenuity were shaped by a millennium of interactions within the flourishing networks of exchange within Asia and beyond,” the museum’s management said in a statement.

They were unveiled on Wednesday, August 3 at the museum’s fourth floor. This also coincided with the resumption of Ayala Museum’s full operations.

Exhibition reveal

Here are the new exhibitions you can view at the museum:

Skeins of Knowledge, Threads of Wisdom

Ayala Museum expressed hope that this exhibition will make Filipinos aware of indigenous communities and learn to appreciate them as they are “living examples of how we might be able to restore some balance in our lives, in our country, and among global communities.”

“‘Skeins of Knowledge, Threads of Wisdom’ will place the textiles in the context of community, environment, culture, and tradition, spirit and matter,” Ayala Museum said.

Ceramics and Cultural Currency: Exchanges of Pottery and Prestige

A huge amount of Chinese and Southeast Asian trade ceramics found in the Philippine archipelago are proof that the country’s forefathers are active in “a wide network of inland and inter-island trade and cultural exchange in the region” as early as the 9th century.

“’Ceramics and Cultural Currency: Exchanges of Pottery and Prestige’ examines the practical, social, economic, and spiritual values that Filipinos ascribed to these trade wares over a millennium of exchange,” the private institution said.

Gold of Ancestors: Pre-colonial Treasures in the Philippines

Ayala Museum said that this exhibit originally opened in 2008. This upcoming collection has been refreshed for the new generation.

It will feature “more than one thousand archaeological gold objects that celebrate the cultures that flourished before the Spanish colonization of the islands.”

“The precious objects in this exhibition were recovered in the Philippines in various archaeological contexts, often in association with tenth to twelfth-century Chinese export ceramics,” the museum said.

To ensure the safety of guests, Ayala Museum will still practice its policies on pre-booked admissions, limited capacity on admissions, and timed entries.