Anne Curtis is 32 and proud of it—get her no-fuss beauty secret here

August 23, 2017 - 9:36 AM
Anne Curtis attends beauty brand Sisheido's launch of its new product called The Collagen. Photo by D.C. Vasquez for InterAksyon.

At 32, Anne Curtis has been in show business for over half of her life, 20 years to be exact.

While we have seen many incarnations of our national sweetheart (admittedly, this may be debatable in certain quarters) from “Diyosa” to “Dyesebel” to “No Other Woman,” there is no doubt that there’s only one Anne that we love.

And who is she? The Anne that we love is the pretty, bubbly and vibrant girl who first caught our attention as a ‘tween star (long before the word ‘tween was born). Honestly, Anne seems to be the same girl to many of us. It is difficult to think of her as someone in her 30s.

“I am the first to admit that yes, I see signs of aging in my face and body. Thus, I need anything that would help me from the inside out, especially since I don’t sleep enough because of work,” said Anne during the formal launch of Shiseido The Collagen in the country recently.

Anne is the brand ambassador of Shiseido The Collagen, which comes in powder, ready-to-drink, and supplement forms.

Anne Curtis is beauty brand Sisheido’s brand ambassador for its latest product The Collagen. Photo by D.C. Vasquez for InterAksyon.

Shiseido The Collagen falls under the nutricosmetics category.

“Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It is essential in keeping skin, bones and even teeth strong. It gives skin strength and elasticity,” said dermatologist Anna Palabyab-Rufino.

So many creams and serums claim to contain collagen and this could be true but there is a problem with that. According to Palabyab-Rufino, the problem with that is the collagen molecule is too small to penetrate the skin.

Another good thing about taking collagen supplements: Palabyab-Rufino said those who have been taking the supplement have the tendency to retain more moisture than those who didn’t.

Anne first received a box of Shiseido The Collagen and she started taking it.

“This really came at the right time. I am 32. I liked it. Shiseido The Collagen isn’t difficult to drink. Admittedly, I always don’t sleep enough and this really helps. I also love the outdoors and the beach. That means I am always exposed to the sun.”

Aside from collagen, Shiseido The Collagen also contains lingonberry, a superfruit, and Indian gooseberry, which lightens the complexion, has anti-aging effects and helps repair damaged tissues. Other supporting ingredients are low molecular fish collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, GABA, ornithine and moisture peptide.

International makeup and skincare brand Sisheido recently launched in Manila its beauty supplement called The Collagen. Photo by D.C. Vasquez for InterAksyon.

Aside from Shiseido The Collagen, Anne makes sure that she has a skin care regimen that includes thorough cleansing.

“I would never sleep without taking off all of my makeup,” she said.

We asked her what anti-aging beauty secrets she learned from her mom and Anne replied, “Nothing.”

“Yes, I take care of my skin but up until now, I haven’t seriously considered having an having an anti-aging regimen. That’s because of my mom. But I am sure that once I post this on my Instagram, she’ll ask me to give her some Shiseido The Collagen! That’s how she is with me.”

Shiseido The Collagen is available at Mercury Drug nationwide and soon at Watsons. The Collagen Powder costs Php2,499.50; The Collagen Tablet at Php3,499.50 for 126 tabs and Php6,799.50 for The Collagen EX Tablet 120 tabs and The Collagen Drink starting