Kalibrr Job Festival has 5,000 slots for jobseekers on Sept. 23 in BGC

September 22, 2017 - 4:54 PM
Image source: Kalibrate Facebook page.

Young professionals looking for their first job or pursuing their career goles in service personnel, technical developers to mid-career manager roles can look forward to possible job opportunities at this weekend’s Kalibrrate Job Festival.

Now on its second year, the paperless job festival, organized by Kalibrr Technology Ventures and powered by the Kalibrr Job Search App, is set for Saturday, September 23, 2017 at BGC High Street Central in Taguig City from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This year, the Kalibrrate Job Festival is expected to process a minimum of 5,000 early to mid-career job seekers who will apply to some of the Philippines’ top employers such as Magic, Inc., Astoria Hotels, Toyota Motor Philippines, Bank of Makati, SM Corporate, Rudolf Lietz, Tanda, Keyland, SMDC, Home Credit Philippines, Appco, and many more.

One differentiating factor for this job fest is that it is an all-mobile application process. Jobseekers are looking forward to Kalibrr’s new end-to-end mobile job search experience.

Paul Rivera, CEO of Kalibrr Technology Ventures, says, “Jobseekers don’t even have to bring paper resumes anymore. Mobile technology has largely democratized the job application and matching process. It is no longer about how eye-catching a resume is designed that may or may not catch a recruiter’s eye. Qualifications are stripped down to the bone, to what matters, which are the technical hard skills and character qualifications. The first step is just to download the Kalibrr app and complete their profile. The technology then matches jobs with qualified, short-listed candidates.”

Each company hiring at Kalibrrate this year is assigned a booth where job openings are posted and have dedicated QR codes. Jobseekers simply have to use the Kalibrr App on their smartphones to scan a job opening’s unique QR code, to instantly submit their application.

“The Kalibrrate Job Festival is on its second year, and we really wanted to provide a unique and useful experience for both users and companies alike. The afternoon of September 23 is packed with a terrific roster of inspirational speakers from whom Manila’s intellectual workers can learn from and really treat themselves to the notion of possibility, of new opportunity and self betterment,” Paul Rivera added.

The Kalibrr app is now available to download for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Through the app, jobseekers can sign up, complete their profiles before the event itself and get a headstart at the company booths as gates open at 10:30am.

Besides hiring booths, this year’s Kalibrrate Job Festival will showcase lifestyle booths ranging from fitness to food.

River adds, “Kalibrr is also setting up an exclusive pool of mid-career professional from different disciplines such as Retail and FMCG, real estate and engineering, IT and digital media and the medical fields for more specialized job matching. So for those who are currently employed or aren’t actively seeking yet, but want to know what’s out there, do drop by the Kalibrr Talent Services booth and speak with one of our talent consultants. Just see what’s out there.”

Kalibrr has enabled the job festival with with an innovative and enjoyable job search experience for both fresh graduates and seasoned professionals alike by providing eye-opening career possibilities right on your personal phone.

Find your next career step up at Kalibrrate 2017, Manila’s first job festival on September 23 at BGC High Street Central, Taguig City.

Sign up for Kalibrrate via http://bit.ly/Kalibrrate2017. For more information on the event, check Kalibrrate’s Facebook page.