Choco Mucho team management decries malicious posts vs volleyball players after alleged fans snub

December 6, 2022 - 1:46 PM
This file photo shows Choco Mucho Flying Titans celebrating during a game in July 2022. (Choco Mucho Flying Titans/Facebook)

The management of a local volleyball team denounced the circulation of malicious posts involving its members following an alleged “snubbing” incident in Boracay.

The management of Choco Mucho Flying Titans (CMFT) finally issued this statement in response to the slew of criticisms its volleyball players have received online since the issue blew up early this week.

“While we acknowledge that our team could have handled that particular encounter in the video better, we denounce malicious posts that put our players, our team and our company in a bad light,” the statement read.

“Posting these innuendoes only brings negativity to our volleyball community and put the wellbeing of our athletes at risk,” it added.

The video showed the CMFT members, including Deanna Wong and Bea de Leon, who seemed to walk past their fans who were greeting them as they were about to leave Boracay Island.

The original footage came from their fans on TikTok who shared recordings of their sightings of the volley stars before the CMFT team’s departure.

A motivational speaker with over one million Facebook followers saw this video and shared it on the platform.

The internet personality also placed a screenshot of his tweet on this video, which reads: “Sino po ang coach nitong mga ito? Dagdagan pa natin ng konti pang training sa good manners & right conduct.”

This edited clip gained traction on Facebook.

After it made rounds on Facebook and Twitter, CMFT players found themselves in hot water for perceived snooty and rude behavior toward their fans.

The internet storm worsened after TV host Kim Atienza, also known as Kuya Kim, joined in and gave advice regarding how to treat fans.

Atienza used the edited version of the footage in his reaction.

“What an irritating yet sad sight. I hope they are advised by their sponsors to act properly in public. Back to you guys,” Atienza said on Facebook.

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‘The team’s fans know’

In its statement, the CMFT team management expressed disappointment over the circulating video clip, saying it did not include other recordings of how the members accommodated their fans even during their break.

It also said that the Boracay trip was held after “a busy year of heartbreaking finishes.”

“Unfortunately, what is not included in the viral clip are other videos showing the playing acknowledging and talking to fans, and accommodating selfies and videos with them while trying to have their break,” CMFT management said.

“The team’s fans know how warm, respectful and appreciative and accommodating the ladies are,” it added.

The CMFT management then expressed gratitude to fans who continued to rally behind the team despite the controversy.

“We thank our fans who are supportive of the team and respectful of the players. Together, let us grow the sport of volleyball with an atmosphere of respect for each other,” it added.

CMFT’s post of its statement has so far garnered 29,000 reactions, 5,800 comments and 4,500 shares on the platform.

The reactions were mixed. There were 21,000 heart reactions, 6,500 likes and 1,100 laugh reactions.