Ethel Booba’s advice to voters: ‘Politics is not a popularity contest.’

October 11, 2018 - 7:14 PM
Ethel Booba is recognized as one of the Philippines' funniest political critics in social media. (Philstar/File)

Comedienne Ethel Booba reminded the public to be wise and discerning in their choice of candidates for the 2019 midterm elections after a social media user asked her if she would enter politics.

Twitter user @Mang_INASAR asked her, “Hindi ka po ba tatakbo?” 

Ethel replied that the political field is not for her. Instead, she urged her followers to be vigilant in choosing their candidates since the election is not a “popularity contest.”

Ethel is recognized for her on-point and witty political commentaries on Twitter. This has resulted in her followers and fans to repeatedly urge her to run for public office.

Despite their clamor, however, she shared that she wouldn’t enter politics, even if she gained support to run as “president.”

Some of her political tweets 

Ethel had previously expressed her support for certain bills like the Anti-Political Dynasty and Anti-Epal Bill.

The Anti-Political Dynasty Bill prevents immediate and extended relatives of public officials to run for office following their term. The Anti-Epal Bill, meanwhile, prohibits public officials from acts of credit-grabbing in public infrastructure projects.

Ethel also made a witty reference to Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade when he famously commented before that the traffic was only a “state of (the) mind.”

The comedienne also reminded the public that politics is not about choosing the family names of officials but rather, about serving the nation.